Mulberry does Christmasaurus!

1‘As Santa reads the letters aloud, the old, crooked, magical Christmas tree sprouts bunches of very peculiar-looking bean pods.’

‘Bean pods!’ cried William. ‘What on earth are bean pods?’

‘They are magical Christmas bean pods, William, and Santa picks these odd pods and gives them to the farmer elves. The farmer elves boil them in pots until the Christmas beans pop out. These beans are very large, with red and white swirls. If you ate one, William, it would taste so delicious that your eyes would cry rainbows and then fall right out of your head, so they are never to be eaten.’

The famous singer and songwriter Tom Fletcher has created his first novel called the Christmasaurus which is about a boy called William Trundle and a very peculiar friend. Mulberry class in year 3 have read this book as part of their read aloud every day in November and December. We have thoroughly enjoyed the novel.

“It’s about a dinosaur finding a little boy called William and he finds a candy cane that says his name to take him to the North Pole” Zakariya.

“My favourite chapter is called Santa’s Bottom!” Leona

We took part in a very special live webcast with Puffin books and were able to draw the Christmasaurus with Tom Fletcher, see the North Pole and listen to some songs that inspired Tom to write the book.

“My favourite part of the webcast was when they were talking about potatoesQ” Zahra

Here are some pictures from our webcast.

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