Year Six visited by Michael Foreman & Paul Canoville!

As part of the Westminster Archives project the Year Six pupils of Hallfield were visited by two inspirational people. The first was illustrator and author, Michael Foreman. Michael told us some fascinating, and hilarious, stories about his childhood. It helped us all relate to some of the characters he has illustrated in stories we have learned about in class, like Billy the Kid by Michael Morpurgo. He also told us some harrowing stories of World War Two and what it was like from a child’s perspective.
Our second inspiring guest was, Paul Canoville. Paul was the first black football player to make the first team for Chelsea Football Club. Paul overcame huge amounts of prejudice and racism whilst following his dream of playing for Chelsea. He is living proof that resilience and perseverance are what make a person successful. He was very entertaining and we all had smiles on our faces as we listened to his bittersweet stories.
Whilst Paul was talking Michael Foreman started to create an illustration of the day’s events. He drew Paul as a cartoon, football hero. It was simply incredible to watch one of the best illustrators work on a piece of art! It really was very special for Year Six to spend the morning with such amazing people.

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