Year 6’s Andy Warhol ‘Factory’

We have been looking at the artist Andy Warhol who was a key artist in the Pop art movement of the 1950s and 1960s. We looked at how Andy Warhol used colour, line and shape in his work. We then went on to exploring his blotted line technique which involves making a line drawing on a piece of non-absorbent paper, such as tracing paper. We then went over the line in ink, blotting the marks on a piece of paper that would absorb the ink. This method allows you to create multiple images.

After looking at Andy Warhol’s paintings of celebrities we created our own self-portraits in his style. We traced our faces using baking paper and repeated the image. We then used watercolour paint and painted block colours for different parts of our portrait; hair, mouth, face, etc. We used lots of different colours to make our self-portraits colourful!

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