Plants – British National Science Week

The children in reception learnt how to grow green plants with seeds, water and sunlight. We asked them some questions about how they grew the plants.

They said they watered them every day and kept them in the sunlight. They said they would take them home soon, when they were fully grown.

The plants were really tall and had little green leaves growing at the end of each stem. The children said it took them hours and hours to even grow, and that’s why you need lots of patience. The children have really enjoyed coming to school to see how far their plants have grown. Moreover, they learnt the lifecycle for a plant and what the plants need to grow.

They said that they watered the plants every day. There were even enough seeds for them to make one for each of them. Now that they learnt how to grow the plants they can do it at home. All you need is soil, a plastic cup and seeds.

– Written by Ana and Narjis (Year 6)

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