The Chicks – British National Science Week

The nursery children have been learning about the life cycle of chicks. We asked the Mrs Cox to bring the children out so we could ask them questions. One of the questions was about how long they had had the chicks for. Their answer was 7 days. Then the children held the chicks, but put them down quickly because it was the chicks first time coming out of their home.

There were other questions we asked them like how the chicks hatch and their answer was because they were in their incubator, which was warm and made the eggs hatch. Then they counted how many chicks there were and they said five chicks. Then we asked them what the chicks’ names were. Two of the nursery children said they were called ‘chicks’ and the other two nursery children said ‘Inky’ and ‘Duck’.

Other questions were: what do you know about chicks? Their answer was that the chicks start off as an egg then the chicks hatch. Afterwards we asked them what they were learning about chickens and they said they are learning about their life cycle. We also asked them what will happen when they get bigger and then they answered they will get more chick eggs. The final question we asked them was where they were from and they explained they were from the farm.

– written by Hussain and Taimur (Year 6)

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