Fantastic Rainforest Assembly

On the 24th May, Mulberry presented their learning from this term to their peers in assembly. We included two topic related songs to make our assembly engaging.

Here is Lucas’s and Leona’s report of our assembly:

“On Wednesday 24th May 2017, we did an assembly all about plants and rainforests We sang 2 lovely songs about biodiversity and the four layers in the rainforest. These are called the emergent, canopy, understory and forest floor. In science, we have learned what plants need to grow and the day before, we planted raw beans in the school garden. In Maths, we’ve voted for our favourite birds in the rainforest. The most popular was the Crimson Topaz. In Geography, we learned how to balance the world and why we don’t want to kill snakes. We have also been learning the word ‘biodiversity’ which means the pyramid of species which include producers, herbivores, carnivores and at the top, top carnivores. We also learned about the water cycle for our assembly. We read Varmints and Tin Forest to support our imaginative writing. ”

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Our assembly included all our amazing hard work this term and we hope both our parents and peers learned something new!

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