The African Art of Edward Tingatinga

As part of our topic on Africa, we looked at African art. Although African artwork can be very different, cultural and tribal, there is a common theme which is the abundant use of bright colours and animal and nature inspired. We looked at Tingatinga art which originated in Tanzania by the artist Edward Saidi Tingatinga in 1968. Edward began his work painting under a Baobab tree. His work consisted of bright, bold colours, simplistic designs, inspired by his surroundings.  Unfortunately he lived a short life, to the age of 35. After his death, painters who learned about his painting styles and techniques taught many others and the style spread across the world. Today, some children’s TV programs are based on the paintings by Edward Tingatinga.

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We created our own Tingatinga inspired artwork. We had to use vibrant, eye-catching colours and think about our artwork’s composition. We used pencil, pen and watercolours.

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