A Recount about a workshop on VOICE

Thursday morning began as any other day boring and dull.  The grey clouds hung in the sky.  Incredibly, to my amazement as I strolled into class, looking miserable expecting the presence of a SATS paper to complete, I got the surprise of my life!  There was no SATS today, hurrah!  Instead, a visitor, a lovely energetic teacher jumped into our room called Ms. Sheeren, my whole day became bright and exciting.  Shortly after, I discovered everything about radicalisation and terrorism.  This information is vital to us and the workshop was amazing.

Religion is all about peace and harmony not radicalisation, nor is it about terrorism.  This was a very important message on how religion has nothing to do with terror.  Religion is very important.  We talked about how the world fights over things such as food, oil, gold, land and more.  This is the way the world survives and without resources we can’t live.  We discussed how peace is vital, we completed a quiz and discovered how people like Rosa Parkes helped to change the world.

I now know that VOICE will protect me against radicalisation and help me keep safe.  If anyone is in danger I can tell them about VOICE.

By Ibrahim Awan

Year 6 Aspen Class

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