Year 5 Workshop – Exploring Space

This week, Year 5 participated in an exciting Science workshop exploring Space. Here is what they thought:

On Wednesday morning, Alder and Walnut class visited Westminster Academy for a science lesson. We walked up the long stairs and waited until the science room was empty. Finally, the room was empty. I sat on a white chair next to Yahya and beside him was Adam F. After we all got comfy and settled down, each table was given a tray of cocoa powder. Our teacher, Mr McKenzie explained, “Get into groups. 5 students per group and I will give you some equipment to make craters in the cocoa powder which we will have to imagine is the surface of the moon.”

“Yay,” whispered Yahya, who tried to taste the coco powder.

I told him not too.

Next, Mr McKenzie gave each group some sea pebbles, a marble and a big rock. With these items we had to gently throw each pebble from a different angle to make holes, which we had to imagine were craters on the surface of the moon. Then our teacher showed us some videos of how to sleep in space and how to wash your hair in space. They were very interesting! Time was shooting by so fast! We only had 5 more minutes, so our teacher showed us how to make a balloon rocket. So this is what we did:

1. We got some string and tied it from one table to the other.

2. We got a straw and put the string through it.

3. We blew a balloon up and put tape on one side of the balloon and let the balloon go. All the air came out and it flew!

Finally, we watched a video of a song that was in a plane with 0 gravity and it looked like the whole song was edited but it wasn’t and it was so cool! After, we exited Westminster Academy and safely returned back to Hallfield  Primary School and went into our classroom.

by Amira


On Wednesday morning, Aspen and Walnut class went to Westminster Academy. I learned about the Moon. I learned that the Moon protects the Earth from asteroids and has been hit hundreds of times and made so many craters! I also learned that the near side is the side that is shown and the far side is the side that is not.

I told Mr McKenzie how the moon was formed; I said, “The moon was formed by another planet called ‘Theia’ that crashed into the Earth 4.5 billion years ago shooting debris everywhere! It only took a week for Earth’s ring to form our moon.”

We were experimenting where we had cocoa powder as the surface of the moon and threw sea pebbles, marbles and rocks to make craters. We were also experimenting with a rocket using string, straw, tape and balloon. The rocket flew off like crazy!

by Adam

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