Symmetry in Magnolia

​Magnolia have been learning about symmetry. We created some fantastic symmetrical patterns. However we are still learning and made a few mistakes! Can you spot them?

We also have been revising multiplication and looking at how to make numbers 10 and 100 times larger.

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Exploring in the Nursery

The nursery children have been very busy this week as we continue to learn all about the story ‘Whatever Next!’.

We have been so excited as a HUGE rocket landed in the nursery!!!

We used the rocket to measure eachother and talk about who is the tallest. We have also been using our mathematical knowledge to roll the dice and match the correct number of stars to the numeral.

The children have really enjoyed making their own rockets using empty bottles and used their senses to explore different textures in the sensory tray. We have been busy creating a chimney for the bear’s house and talking about how the bear will get out of the house and travel to the moon.

As always we enjoy exploring in the outdoor area,

We have spent lots of time digging in the soil using our gardening tools and…..we found lots of minibeasts!!

We use the big building blocks and crates to make our own rockets and some of the children have been thinking of different ways to do things when they used the hoops to jump in and out of whilst counting backwards 5,4,3,2,1 blast off!!​​

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Year 3 Narratives

Year 3 have been working on writing narratives. They recently published their stories inspired by The Tin Forest, a story we have read this term. Their published work showed beautiful use of adjectives, showing not telling how a character was feeling, and created fantastic tension and suspense for the reader. Here is a selection of some of their fantastic work. Some work has been chosen to be copied in our classroom book corner for all the children to read and enjoy the work of their classmates.

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Year 3 topic work

Year 3 have been learning all about saving the planet this term. We have been working on our skills in understanding and using an atlas accurately, as well as studying the differences between weather and climate. As a fun activity we pretended to be weather reports for the afternoon and had to give a weather report on a rainforest in the world.

Year 3 have also been looking at different living things in rainforests throughout the world, including the Amazon. We created fact files about these animals in pairs and presented the information to the class. We researched these animals using the ipads and our internet research skills.  The class had to work out what the animal was and which layer of the rainforest it would be found in.

Here is a selection of some our lovely work this term.

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3 wishes for Year 3!

​Year 3 were given the amazing opportunity to visit the Prince Edward Theatre on Thursday 17th May. We were able to watch the spectacular production of Aladdin. This has enhanced our learning from Spring term’s topic ‘Arabian Nights’. The sets and props were very eye-catching and we were able to laugh at the Genie’s jokes too. The whole of year 3 behaved brilliantly throughout the day and would like to thank the HSA for all their amazing hard work to raise money for our trip.

We have been reflecting on our theatre experience by creating art work, exploring more adventurous vocabulary and writing thank you letters for accompanying adults. We have also been able to talk about our favourite parts of the show which has caused some debate!

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RE: Sikhism

Our RE focus this term has been Sikhism. Year 3 have explored the origin of the religion and focused on the 11 Guru’s of Sikhism. Guru means teacher and Sikh means learner.

We have learnt about each Guru’s importance in the faith, in particular Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. Through the festival of Vaisakhi, Guru Gobind Singh was able to find the Khalsa (pure) and show that Sikhs can represent their commitment through the 5 Ks. We were able to act out the story using props we had made in the classroom.

Did you know the 11th Guru is actually the holy book of Sikhism? The Guru Granth Sahib.

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Amazing Shape Finders in Year 3

Our Summer one topic in Year ​3 has been shape. We have been using lots of practical opportunities to investigate 2 Dimensional shapes and use our previous knowledge to support our reasoning. We have also looked at shapes in the environment and paying particular focus to angles.

Our new words this term have been: acute, right angle, obtuse. We are now extending our understanding by looking at the properties of lines (parallel and perpendicular)

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What’s the time, Year 2?

In maths, Year 2 has been learning about time. We can name the minute and hour hands, and made our own clock, making sure we put all the numbers in the right places!

Throughout the week we learned how to read the time from a clock and make times on a small clock. We started by reading ‘o’clock’, ‘half past’, ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter to’ time, and then challenged ourselves by reading the time to five minutes.

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Transport and Much More in Olive Class

This term is very exciting for Olive class as we are learning about transport.

We are drawing, painting, making and building different means of transport.

We drew our imaginary cars and rockets and talked about their superpowers and how they work.

We use our Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car and Space role play areas well and we look for different planets. Perhaps we’ll discover a new one?

In maths, we are learning about sharing, so we are practising this by sharing small objects equally among people and small animals.

We are also very busy with looking for some new facts about Space in books as we are confident readers in Olive class.

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Wedding Celebrations in Year 6!

Last Friday, Year 6 celebrated the impending Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, by hosting their own wedding for Prince Attendance Ted and Princess Punctuality Panda.

As always, Panda was on time allowing proceedings to go ahead without a hitch. They walked down the aisle to live violin playing. The bears were then joined in matrimonial tedlock by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Students then enjoyed a traditional English cream tea, with scones they had baked the previous day.

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Whatever Next!

Whatever Next!
This week in Nursery we have been learning all about the story ‘Whatever Next!’.
In the story the bear makes his own rocket and travels all the way to the moon!
The Nursery children have really enjoyed creating their own space station in the role play area and have been looking for stars using the binoculars and telescopes whilst learning the names of some of the planets!
We have designed our own name rockets and talked about the different sounds in our name as well as thinking about where our rocket will take us…..some of us are going to Jupiter​!​

We have been very creative painting rockets on foil and rolling out our very own planets using the galaxy playdough.

We have enjoyed making our own moon rocks using baking powder, water and glitter, this was a very exciting experiment as our rocks were all different shapes and textures.

Take a look at some of our amazing learning….

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Learning about transportation in Fig class

In Reception the children in Fig Class are learning all about transport and looking at different types of transport, we have been thinking about different ways we can travel on land, sea and air.
In literacy we are looking at  a variety of different stories linked to our  Transport topic  such as Mr Gumpy’s Outing , Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car and Whatever Next! We have enjoyed acting out the stories through our role play. We have been busy doing our fantastic writing about what happens in the stories.
In our understanding of the world we have been finding out all about different transport and using Recordable speech bubbles and talking points to record our knowledge of transport.  We used the paint program to design our own means of transport
We have been exploring all about floating and sinking, the children have been investigating and making predictions as to which objects might float and sink and talking about why…
In Maths we have been exploring the concept of  halving, doubling and finding one more and one less from a larger group of objects
In creative development the children used Junk Modelling  to make their different kind of  transport . They then used their creative skills and imagination to add detail to their models.
Watch this space for news about our fantastic assembly on transport.

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