Beautiful Islamic Print Patterns

In Year 3 we have been block printing Islamic patterns. Islamic patterns consist of either geometric patterns (repeated, interlaced or overlapped shapes) or vegetal patterns (patterns based on plants and flowers found in the natural world).

We began by drawing and pressing our design onto a styrofoam board so that the image becomes indented onto the foam. The indented lines do not absorb any ink. We then put ink onto an inking plate and used a brayer to evenly spread the ink onto the plate. We then took our styrofoam board, added ink to it and pressed the image onto paper to transfer the ink from the foam onto the paper. This process is called burnishing.

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Amazing Papier Mache Greek Pots

In Year 5 we’ve been having fun making paper mache Greek pots. Using a balloon, newspaper and a papier mache mix we created the mould of our pots. To make the papier mache, we used 3 cups of powder to 1 cup of water and mixed it so it became a smooth paste. We added the paste to our balloons. We enjoyed getting our hands messy! When the papier mache dries, we will paint our Greek pots. Watch this space!

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2 Years Old Enjoy Snack Time

We have a couple of new children who are just starting in our 2 Years Old class and they are enjoying talking to their peers during the snack time. Snack time in this room is very important as it is the time for the children talk to each other and also to talk to their teachers as well.

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We Are Scientists!

Students and Staff dressed up as Scientists last Friday to celebrate the end of British Science Week. Students came as Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Jane Goodall and Albert Einstein amongst others.

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We’re STILL Going on a Bear Hunt!

The Nursery Children have really enjoyed all of the learning that has taken place around our story, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We worked together to create our own bear hunt in the outdoor area and have been busy acting out the story. We have experienced going through the long, wavy grass and the swirling snowstorm and we even explored real mud!

The Children have really enjoyed using the visuals to sequence the story and place the pictures in the correct order, thinking about the beginning, middle and the end.
Take a look at some of our learning…

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Year 5 Bikeability

What a fantastic week of biking these children have experienced!

Learning the new and exciting skill of bike riding has been rewarding and challenging to all children who took part! They have shown great independence in their skills and progression, as well as a massive boost to their confidence, throughout the week! This has inspired and encouraged the children to include biking as a way to improve fitness as well as fun!

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Year 5 British Museum Class Trip

This week, Walnut and Alder visited The British Museum to see different things related to our topic Ancient Greece. Firstly, we got into pairs and used tablets to explore the Parthenon Gallery. It was a reality game taking photos of different parts of the Parthenon. Then, we went to a lecture about Greek Myths. We learnt how to spot the difference between Herakles, Athena and Hermes. We also learnt how to work out what is going on and how the Greeks told a story using images.

-By Omer (Walnut)

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Chicks in the Nursery

We have really enjoyed observing the changes that took place since the eggs arrived in the nursery last week. First, we noticed the eggs were ‘cracking’ and we talked about what might happen next. We learnt all about how to keep the eggs warm in a special container called an ‘incubator’ and soon after the baby chicks were hatching. We have been busy looking after the baby chicks and making sure they have their special food and clean water every day. We have really enjoyed having the chicks in our classrooms and we were so lucky, we even got to stroke them!

Take a look at some of our amazing pictures…..

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