Living Things in Year 1!

To launch their new topic – Living Things – Year 1 have been talking about plants. They read the story of The Tiny Seed, and started to think about all the things that plants need to survive and grow to be big and healthy.

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The children made mini greenhouses using a plastic bag and cotton wool or tissue, and planted a broad bean in the bag. The children hung them in the window where they will be nice and warm. Year 1 also planted different kinds of seeds in pots using soil. In Apple class, they planted peas, sweet peas and cress. Year 1 also planted seeds outside in the school garden. They explored the different plants being grown there by other classes. The children are very excited to watch their plants grow!


Year 1 Garden Projects

The topic for Year 1 this term is Growth and Change. To continue their learning about plants and seasons, the children were asked to design and make a garden for their homework project. All the children worked really hard on their designs, and came up with some beautiful gardens!

Look at their amazing gardens!

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Alien Phonics!

On Tuesday an Alien arrived at our school to visit the Year 1 children before the phonics quiz to see if the children could read the names of the aliens from the far away planet that he came from.

The children won the quiz. Well done Year 1!

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Amazing Ancient Egypt!

Magnolia class has been working on amazing projects for the fascinating Ancient Egypt. We have all presented our brilliant projects in front of the rest of our class.  Some of the wonderful facts we have learnt are that Ancient Egypt could not have existed without the River Nile, that the Egyptians preserve bodies through mummification and that Cleopatra was the last ever Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt!

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