Summer Trip

This week the Children in Elm and Ash Classes went on their summer trip to   The Princess Diana Memorial Park. We had lots of fun exploring on the pirate ship and playing in the large sand area with our friends.

Take a look at some of our amazing photographs….​

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Robot Wars at Hallfield – Pi Noon!

After-school coding club have their varied robot anomalies armed with a sharp pin, ready to burst the bubble of their opponents at our second day of Hallfield Robot Wars competitions!

As well as a sharp needle, the robots have a not so threatening balloon at the back which they have to use all their skills to defend.

Today was this year’s final exciting battles to the pop! We had some two-on-one battles and many multi-player mash-ups. It was latex carnage! But all good clean fun.

Congratulations Coding Club children on your fabulous creations and your coding triumphs!


Under The Sea

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about different sea ​creatures and finding out some interesting facts about them.

We have created our own beach in the role play area and we have real sand just like the beach!

We are enjoying investigating with the different shells and discovered that by holding the shell close to your ear you can hear the sea.

The children have enjoyed listening to The Rainbow Fish story and talking about the importance of sharing and being kind to our friends.

We have been counting the scales on the Rainbow Fish and making predictions by suggesting how many jewels are in the treasure boxes and we have been designing our own sea creatures using a range of media and mixing colours to achieve a desired effect.

Take a look at some of our amazing learning.

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Film making with Create

A group of children from KS2 have been working with Create, an Arts charity that works with children on exploring, designing and making artwork using different art media.  Children have been working with a professional film maker on a film making project based around Paddington Central. Children have been having lots of fun with writing a script, researching Paddington Central, interviewing workers from Paddington Central, filming and editing so that they create a short documentary about life in the local area. Watch this space for the documentaries coming soon!

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Son et Lumiere Spectacle in Code Club

Year 3 and 4 chose whether to explore light or sound for their own lunchtime coding project today. Some children continued coding music in Isle of Tune while others became engrossed in the amazing, hypnotic sign of Scratch Cat drawing octagons, over and over… and over again. Turbo mode made him draw super quick!

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Union Bank Switzerland

On Monday 25th June, Hemlock Class visited UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) which is a global firm that provides financial services in over 50 countries.  Children had a whole day’s career workshop where they took part in career activities lead by UBS staff. Children also took part in a presentation skills workshop and had the opportunity to show their presentations to their classmates and UBS staff.


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Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Year 5 visited the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition which showcases a vast display of artwork in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, architecture and film by emerging and established artists.

This year’s summer exhibition was curated by Grayson Perry. Children looked at all the different work and then had a print-making workshop with a gallery educator in response to the artwork in the exhibition. Children had to draw something that inspired them from the exhibition. They drew and then carved their design onto styrofoam. Children then squeezed ink onto a printing plate and spread it over the Styrofoam board. They then positioned the styrofoam on blank paper and used a roller to help transfer the design. ​

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Professional Cricketers

This term, Harry from Lord’s Cricket Ground has been teaching Year 5 all the cricket techniques the professional cricketers use on the field. We have been looking at fielding, batting and bowling. We learnt that the difference between bowling and throwing is, when you are bowling a ball your arms must be straight, where as when you are throwing a ball you can bend your arms.

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Units of measure

We are busy applying our knowledge of units of measurement to solving different kinds of maths problems! We are also using imperial units of measure, e.g. inches, feet, pints, pounds. We are able to convert between imperial and metric units of measure!

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Year 4 Farm Trip

On Tuesday 26th June, 30 Year 4 students visited Crockford Bridge Farm. We were lucky to arrive by coach and were able to pick strawberries for the chutney we will make and sell next week.

We filled our punnets half way up our containers and had lots of fun walking in the strawberry and raspberry fields.

We were so lucky because it was a beautiful and fun day!

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The Smartest Giant in Town

The Nursery have been learning all about the story ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. We have been busy designing and creating a GIANT house in the role play area where we have Enormous Trousers, Enormous Shoes and our very own Giant!!!!

The Children have been using a range of resources such as blocks, measuring tapes, string and our feet to​ measure different objects, We really enjoyed measuring eachother!!

We have been designing new clothes for the Giant and using the play dough to create the different characters in the story, we are really looking forward to writing our own letter to the Giant. Watch this space…..

Take a look at some of our learning……

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