Países de habla hispana

In Year 4, we have been learning about the countries where they speak Spanish in the world. We learnt their names, where are they on a map, the capitals of each of these countries, colours of their flag and the name of the continents where they are.

We learned all this information with interactive games, songs and some other activities. This is some of the writing we have made to give the information of each Spanish Speaking country.

spanish speaking countries Year 4

Count on Us Maths club

This weekly maths club is aimed at our most able mathematicians in years 4 and 5. The children have been developing their mental strategies and understanding of number by playing the 24-game where they have to use the four numbers on the card and any of the operations (+, -, X, ÷) to make 24! Some of the children are even having a go at using the two-digit cards. Can you have a go at making 24? Start with the one dotted cards and work your way up (the more dots, the more challenging it is).

They have also started to explore shapes through the use of pentominoes and tangrams. The children have come across lots of mathematical vocabulary and even algebra in the process!

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Maths progress in Reception

The children in Fig (Reception) C​lass have been doing fantastic number work, we have been helping Kipper celebrate his birthday by counting candles and cakes and matching the correct quantity to the correct numeral​ . We have been using the unifix cubes to help us count and make different numbers. We have been learning how to use the ten frame in our number work, for example: finding different ways to make number 10, adding one more/one less.

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Westminster Windows Art Competition

In art club, children took part in the Westminster Winter Windows art competition organised by Underbelly in conjunction with the City of Westminster Council. Children needed to design a stained glass piece of artwork with a focus on London’s famous landmarks and how they think they should be decorated over the festive period. Two pieces of submitted artwork by Hallfield students were selected as a winning entry! Their artwork has been enlarged to A0 size, framed and displayed on the north side of Leicester Square as a free exhibition from 11th November 2017 – 8th January 2018. Their designs are also featuring on Westminster Council’s Christmas cards!

Children were invited to a special winner’s reception  where the Lord Mayor of Westminster presented them with a certificate and a buffet of food to celebrate their fantastic achievement.

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Tesco’s Festive Windows

On Monday 4th December a group of children from across each year group went to Tesco’s along Queensway and painted their shop windows for Christmas with festive themed images. This was an exciting art opportunity for the children to be involved in community projects. Children were rewarded with a buffet of food by Tesco’s to say thank you for their fantastic work!

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Tate Britain

We went to the Tate Britain in Pimlico and had a workshop with an artist in residence. We looked at the artwork of Henry Moore who found inspiration for his artwork in natural forms. We also drew from observation the installation Untitled (One Hundred Spaces) by Rachael Whiteread. The installation is made up of one hundred components parts arranged in a grid. Each part is made in coloured resin. We drew the installation on cellophane. We had to think about perspective.

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Walnut class at Lords Cricket ground

Last Friday, my class and I visited Lords Cricket Ground. First, we met Jade we played games and she taught us how to play cricket. We were really luck and got a tour of the whole ground. My favourite part of the tour was the changing rooms because we got to see the scoring board and where the captain sat. We then had lunch at the café, overlooking the grounds. Lastly, we had a Maths lesson looking at our scores. It was quiet hard because we had to convert fractions into decimals and percentages. England’s cricket is in Australia now, playing against Australia. I hope England wins even though my teacher wants Australia to win.

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Year 5 Science club at Paddington

On Tuesday 28th November, In Paddington, some students in year 5 went to an exciting science trip. There were 20 students that were split up into groups. There were activities such as: finger prints, making cubes or pyramids and electricity with lemons. My favourite activity was electricity with lemons. We spent all afternoon there and learned amazing things that I’ll never forget. It’s one of the best trip and learning I ever had.

by Adam

On Tuesday 28th November, some children in year 5 went on an amazing science trip. We were split up into groups and there were different activities on every table. First, we went on a table which had magnetic tubes and magnetic balls and we had to make six pyramids and six cubes and then the teacher put lots of paper on to see which one was the strongest. At the end the six cubes won. Then we went to another table where we had pins, lemons, 2p coins, circuits and a little light bulb, to try to make the bulb light up. Finally we had a fingerprint pad then we put it on a paper and we saw which type of fingerprint we had.

by Mobaser

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In Nursery we have been learning all about magnets, Some of the children were able to recognise different objects that the magnet would not stick to such as paper and wood. We then tested our magnets to see if they would work in the sand and the water.

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We have been talking about the different seasons and beginning to learn all about winter. The children are really enjoying investigating with Ice, particularly when we placed the water in the freezer and made predictions as to what might happen next. We have been using our senses to observe and touch the ice and talk about the changes that have taken place.

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Watch this space as we continue to investigate with ice…….