British Values Art at Hallfield

In art, we have been looking at each of the British Values. The British Values are Democracy, Individual Liberty, the Rule of Law and Mutual Respect and Tolerance.

In Year 6, we looked at Individual Liberty, which suggests the free exercise of rights. We looked at how thousands of soldiers during WWII sacrificed their lives to preserve our individual liberty. We created charcoal drawings of WWII soldiers. We used willow and compressed charcoal. We used a range of shading techniques to show tone, for example, blending, cross-hatching, scumbling and stippling.

In Year 6, we also looked at Democracy which is the belief in freedom and equality between people. We all have a voice and have the right for it to be heard. We created Andy Warhol inspired self-portraits. We used carbon paper to trace our faces from a photograph and then repeated the image six times. We outlined our faces with a black marker and then used crayons to colour them in.

In Year 5, we looked at the Rule of Law that suggests no one is above the law. We created collages of things that represent the law; Lady Justice who represents the fairness of the judicial system, law courts, judges, handcuffs and The Houses of Parliament.

In Year 2, we looked at tolerance. We created watercolour paintings of London and then looked at a photo of ourselves and cut it into strips and juxtaposed it onto the painting. We did this to show that whatever our beliefs, religion, opinions, racial or ethnic origin we have the right to live and practise them in our city.

In art club, we also looked at the British artist, William Morris who was very famous for his wallpaper designs of flowers, leaves and birds. We looked at his designs and incorporated them into our own designs by Styrofoam printing onto fabric.

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Westminster Windows Art Competition

In art club, children took part in the Westminster Winter Windows art competition organised by Underbelly in conjunction with the City of Westminster Council. Children needed to design a stained glass piece of artwork with a focus on London’s famous landmarks and how they think they should be decorated over the festive period. Two pieces of submitted artwork by Hallfield students were selected as a winning entry! Their artwork has been enlarged to A0 size, framed and displayed on the north side of Leicester Square as a free exhibition from 11th November 2017 – 8th January 2018. Their designs are also featuring on Westminster Council’s Christmas cards!

Children were invited to a special winner’s reception  where the Lord Mayor of Westminster presented them with a certificate and a buffet of food to celebrate their fantastic achievement.

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Tesco’s Festive Windows

On Monday 4th December a group of children from across each year group went to Tesco’s along Queensway and painted their shop windows for Christmas with festive themed images. This was an exciting art opportunity for the children to be involved in community projects. Children were rewarded with a buffet of food by Tesco’s to say thank you for their fantastic work!

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Tate Britain

We went to the Tate Britain in Pimlico and had a workshop with an artist in residence. We looked at the artwork of Henry Moore who found inspiration for his artwork in natural forms. We also drew from observation the installation Untitled (One Hundred Spaces) by Rachael Whiteread. The installation is made up of one hundred components parts arranged in a grid. Each part is made in coloured resin. We drew the installation on cellophane. We had to think about perspective.

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Willow Class Art

As part of their school holiday project, Willow class made some fantastic pieces of art inspired by nature. Here are some of their amazing creations. They worked so hard!

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We have also been learning about forces and magnets in science. We explored the concepts of push and pull. We created some freeze frames to display different forces.


Trip to Paddington Gardens

A group of children who are part of Children’s University went on a local visit to Paddington Gardens to visit JRL, the company responsible for building London’s largest residential scheme. We learnt about the construction industry, how to keep safe on a construction site and learnt all about the residential project. We had fun drawing our favourite building and putting the drawings in a time capsule that will be buried under the park of the new complex being built. We also worked together to recreate the Shard, the impressive 95-storey skyscraper in Southwark.

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Cave Art

In art we have been looking at cave paintings as part of our topic on the Stone Age. Cave paintings were made using charcoal and clay. We learnt that cave paintings have survived to this day because the charcoal and clay was mixed with animal fats, vegetable juice and cave water so that the materials stuck to the cave walls!
We learnt all about charcoal as a drawing medium and learnt some different shading techniques such as blending, hatching, cross hatching, stippling and scumbling. We then incorporated all of the drawing techniques to draw a still life. We drew objects relating to the Stone Age; wood, rocks, faux animal fabric, fake animal bones, nuts and sea shells. We had the choice of either focusing on one object to draw, a section of the still life or the whole composition. We used both willow and compressed charcoal. We had to think about tone, texture and form.

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Year 1 Art Jigsaw

In Year 1, we looked at the Hallfield value, Collaborative.  Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something. Collaboration enables us to share resources, achieve shared goals, share new ideas and new perspectives. We drew and painted images of teamwork on a jigsaw piece to show collaboration.

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The Sky’s the Limit with Year 2 Art

In Year 2 we looked at the Hallfield value, Aspirational. Being aspirational is having a strong desire, longing, or aim to achieve something or things. We all have aspirations no matter how big or small they are. We represented this value by drawing and painting birds that soar and aim high to the sky.

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Year 6’s Trustworthy Hands

We have already had a glimpse of Year 6’s fabulous Trustworthy artwork, but it was so good that we deserve to see the full picture.

In Year 6 we looked at the Hallfield value, Trustworthy. Trustworthy combines the common word trust, which describes something you can rely on, and the word worthy, which describes something that deserves respect. We represented trustworthy by drawing hands using charcoal and pastels. Hands are used in gestures of greeting and friendship. The term ‘lend a hand’ symbolises generosity and stability.

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Year 4’s Collages of Reflection

In Year 4, we looked at the Hallfield value, Reflective. Being reflective is in its simplest form, thinking about or reflecting on what you do. It is closely linked to the concept of learning from experience, in that you think about what you did, and what happened, and decide from that what you would do differently next time. We created a collage of an eye to represent being reflective. We ripped small pieces of paper from a magazine and used glue to stick them onto the paper. We overlapped each piece so that there were no gaps showing.

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