Union Bank Switzerland

On Monday 25th June, Hemlock Class visited UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) which is a global firm that provides financial services in over 50 countries.  Children had a whole day’s career workshop where they took part in career activities lead by UBS staff. Children also took part in a presentation skills workshop and had the opportunity to show their presentations to their classmates and UBS staff.


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Alice’s Wonderful Adventure

A group of children who are part of Children’s University went to see the production Alice’s Wonderful Adventure at the Global Co-operation House in Willesdon. This surprising adventure takes Alice down the rabbit hole with the wise White Rabbit to discover that Wonderland is rapidly running out of time.  Alice, White Rabbit and friends unexpectedly unearth Wonderland’s deepest secrets and Alice learns some delightful secrets of her own…

We enjoyed the production very much, especially the singing, costumes and characters!

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A visit to Westminster University

We visited Westminster University who are the organisers of Children’s University. Children’s University recognises the importance of activities that take place outside the school day. For every extra-curricular activity we do outside of school we collect a stamp on our Passports to Leaning. We need to collect 30 stamps to graduate with a bronze certificate and then accumulate more hours to achieve the next level award.

On our visit to Westminster University, we met some ambassadors of Children’s University, learnt all about what they are studying, all about university life and had a treasure hunt around the campus. We enjoyed our day which inspired us to go to want to go to university when we are older!

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