Learning About Shapes and Computers in Olive Class

Last term we were learning about shapes. We explored both 2D and 3D shapes. We talked, wrote about, drew and cut out our favorite 2D shapes. We also made some huge 3D shapes. We looked at how many faces, vertices and edges each 3D shape has.

We were also busy building imaginary towers, houses, train stations and many more using 3D shapes with our friends.

It was last term when Olive Class had a go at using the ICT room for the first time. We all listened to the teacher’s instructions and were able to play some computer games, listen to some music and drew some pictures using the mouse and the keyboard. We all had lots of fun!

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Great Sounding Places!

Year 3 and 4 Code Club have been creating amazing musical islands using the brilliant and fun app, Isle of Tune. We have been creating road networks surrounded by musical trees and flowers as well as lampposts that play beats and houses that squeak, bark and bleep. We placed cars on the road that play the tune we have coded as they drive by.

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Year 6’s Stop Animations

In Hemlock class we’ve been writing and typing our scripts with our group or partner.

We made Anderson shelter animations; we made characters for it.

Our class made World War Two Anderson and Morrison shelters with cardboard, paper, tissue paper and many more.

Our movies are silent films.

– By Mehrsa

Physical Computing 101

The Year 5 and 6 Computing Club made their first fantastic steps into physical computing today. They have been learning brilliantly and are already experts at transferring cables from a normal PC to our special Raspberry Pi computers. Today, we learnt to create an LED circuit with a breadboard, jumper cables and a resistor all powered by our Raspberry Pi computers. Today an LED… tomorrow the world!

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Coding Games

Last week, Y6 Hemlock had been going to the ICT room to code a game (Flappy Bird). They had to use their creative knowledge to code the player to go through the obstacles and win points.

You could alter the speed, size of obstacles, backgrounds and characters.

Once you had worked on the game, gradually your mind-set for coding grew. When you had finished you could play other people’s games and try them out.

Try now! Play one of our games:


by Levent and Shad

Flappy bird

Angry Bird Coding!

In Year 1, we have been getting to grips with computers. We have been learning some basic things we need to know, like how to turn computers on and off properly. We have been practising our skills, using the keyboard and mouse (double-clicking can be really tricky!). Now, we are learning some really advanced things – we are programming Angry Bird to catch the Green Pig!

Watch us code!

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Virtual Reality with Google Expeditions

Yesterday, children from Year 1 to Year 6 were lucky to be visited by Flora from Google Expeditions. Flora took us on virtual journeys across the globe, under water and even through time!
The children wore cardboard headsets with lens and small mobile tablet which enabled them to engage in their learning in an immersive and fun way with this incredible emerging technology.

‘Scratch’ing shapes and beyond

In Year 4 we have been programming shapes using an amazing online program called Scratch. We gave instructions for the Scratch cat to draw simple shapes and then repeat them to create some beautiful patterns.

We found we could tell the Scratch cat to change the colour or shade for each instruction ‘loop’. Look what we achieved.

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Digital Comic Coding

We had great fun today manipulating HTML code to produce our own amazing comics.

We learned how to copy people, move them around using x and y co-ordinates, change colours, text and so much more. There just isn’t enough time in a lesson!

Have a look at our amazing coding skills.

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Keep Calm and Carry On Coding

In Year 6 we have continued our adventures in HTML web coding by reworking the classic KEEP CALM and CARRY ON poster with a theme of our choice.

We changed text, colours and even imported our own images to give our work our own personal flavour.

Have a look at what our genius, digital graphic artists have achieved!

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