Keep on Running!

Reception class has been racing and competing as a class to win our daily mile trophy each day! We are getting faster every day and really trying our best! We have been talking about how to stay healthy and why exercise is so important for us.


Exploring with Lemon Class children

We are happy to announce that Lemon class in the 2-year-old setting has been open in the afternoon. The children are settling in very well and enjoying all the activities.

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Lemon children exploring different activities indoors and outdoors.

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The Gingerbread Man!

In Nursery, we have been learning about “The Gingerbread Man”.

We were very excited to make our own gingerbread men. We were very careful when we opened the oven to make sure they didn’t run away!

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2 Year Old Provision Update

In our 2 two years old setting, we encourage our children to speak in sentences and also to dress themselves. Activities like riding a tricycle, throwing and catching a ball are also encouraged. Playing in the construction area and dressing up in the home corner is always enjoyable for the children as well as painting and cooking.
Please take a look at the children exploring all the activities

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