​Father’s Day Celebration

We really enjoyed celebrating Father’s Day in the big playground. It was a lovely opportunity for the children to spend time with their families and friends. Please take a look at some of our amazing pictures capturing some special moments of what was a lovely morning spent mark making on the ground, listening to music, parachute games and lots more.

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“Whatever Next” story in Orange and Lemon class

The children in Orange and Lemon Class enjoyed our story about a baby bear traveling to the moon. We were making and drawing rockets and also we were exploring the numbers on the rockets. The children enjoyed using the story props during the small group story time.

The children have been practising walking in a line around the school.

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Our Favourite Authors

Our Topic this term is all about “Our Favourite Authors”

In literacy we are looking at a variety of different stories by Julia Donaldson such as : The Gruffalo and  The Smartest Giant in Town . ​We have been busy doing our fantastic  independent writing  using  descriptive language to describe the Gruffalo.

In Maths we have been finding out all about  odd and even numbers. We found out a even number is a number that can be shared into two equal groups. An odd number is a number that cannot be shared into two equal groups. We have been using unifix cubes  to help us understand odd and even numbers .We have  had fun exploring and learning all about numbers and now we are more confident in doubling and finding one more/one less.

In our understanding of the world we have been exploring shadow puppets. We used the  characters figures from the story  and  placed  them  between a light and a screen.  This creates the illusion that the images are moving.  We had  fun retelling the story this way.

During our PE lesson  we used the balance bikes to help us gain confidence so we will be able to ride a pedal bike in the future.

In creative development we made Gruffalo story boxes and used our creative skills and imagination to add detail to our story boxes. We used a variety of different materials to make the characters from the story. We  also enjoyed role play  using the Gruffalo Café,  set up in our classroom , where we could explore sensory play which included scrambled snake and owl ice-cream.

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Homework Projects in the Nursery

Last term our topic was Transport and Vehicles.

The Nursery Children have been working very hard over the half term and have produced some FANTASTIC homework projects.

Take a look at just some of some of our amazing 3D models…

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Exploring in the Nursery

The nursery children have been very busy this week as we continue to learn all about the story ‘Whatever Next!’.

We have been so excited as a HUGE rocket landed in the nursery!!!

We used the rocket to measure eachother and talk about who is the tallest. We have also been using our mathematical knowledge to roll the dice and match the correct number of stars to the numeral.

The children have really enjoyed making their own rockets using empty bottles and used their senses to explore different textures in the sensory tray. We have been busy creating a chimney for the bear’s house and talking about how the bear will get out of the house and travel to the moon.

As always we enjoy exploring in the outdoor area,

We have spent lots of time digging in the soil using our gardening tools and…..we found lots of minibeasts!!

We use the big building blocks and crates to make our own rockets and some of the children have been thinking of different ways to do things when they used the hoops to jump in and out of whilst counting backwards 5,4,3,2,1 blast off!!​​

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Transport and Much More in Olive Class

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This term is very exciting for Olive class as we are learning about transport.

We are drawing, painting, making and building different means of transport.

We drew our imaginary cars and rockets and talked about their superpowers and how they work.

We use our Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car and Space role play areas well and we look for different planets. Perhaps we’ll discover a new one?

In maths, we are learning about sharing, so we are practising this by sharing small objects equally among people and small animals.

We are also very busy with looking for some new facts about Space in books as we are confident readers in Olive class.


Whatever Next!

Whatever Next!
This week in Nursery we have been learning all about the story ‘Whatever Next!’.
In the story the bear makes his own rocket and travels all the way to the moon!
The Nursery children have really enjoyed creating their own space station in the role play area and have been looking for stars using the binoculars and telescopes whilst learning the names of some of the planets!
We have designed our own name rockets and talked about the different sounds in our name as well as thinking about where our rocket will take us…..some of us are going to Jupiter​!​

We have been very creative painting rockets on foil and rolling out our very own planets using the galaxy playdough.

We have enjoyed making our own moon rocks using baking powder, water and glitter, this was a very exciting experiment as our rocks were all different shapes and textures.

Take a look at some of our amazing learning….

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Learning about transportation in Fig class

In Reception the children in Fig Class are learning all about transport and looking at different types of transport, we have been thinking about different ways we can travel on land, sea and air.
In literacy we are looking at  a variety of different stories linked to our  Transport topic  such as Mr Gumpy’s Outing , Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car and Whatever Next! We have enjoyed acting out the stories through our role play. We have been busy doing our fantastic writing about what happens in the stories.
In our understanding of the world we have been finding out all about different transport and using Recordable speech bubbles and talking points to record our knowledge of transport.  We used the paint program to design our own means of transport
We have been exploring all about floating and sinking, the children have been investigating and making predictions as to which objects might float and sink and talking about why…
In Maths we have been exploring the concept of  halving, doubling and finding one more and one less from a larger group of objects
In creative development the children used Junk Modelling  to make their different kind of  transport . They then used their creative skills and imagination to add detail to their models.
Watch this space for news about our fantastic assembly on transport.

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Making Friendships with our Peers

In March and April, we had new groups of children joining the 2-year-old provision room and these children have all settled very well.

At Hallfield School, children are provided with a different snack and a drink each day. Children enjoy snack time because it gives them time to make friends with their peers as well as getting to know the adults in the class.

This is what our snack time looks like…

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Outdoor Learning in the Nursery​

We have been spending lots of time exploring in the outdoor area with the lovely weather we have had.

The children have been problem solving using the crates, first we used our imagination to build Mr. Gumpy’s boat, we then talked about how we can fit CHILDREN inside the boat instead of animals!

We have been really busy creating our own Investigation area, where we have been investigating minibeasts, fossils and plants. The children have been counting the petals on the flowers and talking about who has more.

We even found a real spider!!!!
Take a look at some of our amazing learning.

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Mr Gump’s Outing

In the 2 Years Old Class, we have been learning about Mr Gump’s outing. The children learnt about where the outing took place (on the river) and the story’s characters (farm animals).

Children use their fine motor skills to paint, draw, do the collage of all the characters from the story.

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Our New Topic: Transport and Vehicles

In the Nursery we have begun our new topic ‘Transport and Vehicles’.
We have been learning all about the story ‘The Train Ride’ and looking at different forms of transport, thinking about different ways in which we can travel.
The children have really enjoyed creating their own train station ‘Hallfield Station’ in the role play area and we even have real tickets, tube maps and newspapers!

We have formed our own vehicles using different shapes and have enjoyed painting our own cars and buses.​ We have been very busy building our own train tracks using different materials in the outdoor area and have been thinking about how we can build our own nursery bus. Watch this space….

Take a look at some of our fantastic learning!​​​

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