Year 2 Enjoyed the Snow

Year 2 have been enjoying the weather this week! After finishing their English lesson on Tuesday, they enjoyed a well-deserved break in the snow-covered playground – and even managed to throw a few snowballs at Mr Sumner!

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Yoga Comes to Hallfield

This week yoga came to Hallfield!

For the next six weeks, children in Years 2, 3, 5 and 6 will be taking part in half hour yoga sessions every Wednesday, led by Kirsty Raynor from Pop Up Pactice.

Yoga is a great for children, encouraging self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s noncompetitive. Physically, it enhances children’s flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. In addition, it helps to improve children’s concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation.

Thank you to our friends at Thames Teachers, Hannah and Justyn, who have kindly organised and arranged this fantastic opportunity for our children.​

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Year 2 Gymnastics Stars

Children in Year 2 are learning to be amazing gymnasts! They have been practicing and perfecting the most important gymnastics positions. These children are modeling some of the positions, including the pike, straight, star, arch, dish, a front support and back support.

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How many can you do?

Money, Money, Money!

In Year 2, we have started this term by learning about money. We have named the coins up to £2 and are beginning to add coins to make different amounts. We practiced making amounts in different ways using different coins. We would love to use our new skills to help our families when we go shopping!

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El loro Tico Tango

Year 2 are learning names of animals and fruits with the storybook  “El loro Tico Tango”, which is the Spanish version of “The parrot Tico Tango”. They can say and write the tittle and describe the main character in Spanish. They are also using the Spanish dictionary to find out other fruit’s and animal’s names.

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British Values Art at Hallfield

In art, we have been looking at each of the British Values. The British Values are Democracy, Individual Liberty, the Rule of Law and Mutual Respect and Tolerance.

In Year 6, we looked at Individual Liberty, which suggests the free exercise of rights. We looked at how thousands of soldiers during WWII sacrificed their lives to preserve our individual liberty. We created charcoal drawings of WWII soldiers. We used willow and compressed charcoal. We used a range of shading techniques to show tone, for example, blending, cross-hatching, scumbling and stippling.

In Year 6, we also looked at Democracy which is the belief in freedom and equality between people. We all have a voice and have the right for it to be heard. We created Andy Warhol inspired self-portraits. We used carbon paper to trace our faces from a photograph and then repeated the image six times. We outlined our faces with a black marker and then used crayons to colour them in.

In Year 5, we looked at the Rule of Law that suggests no one is above the law. We created collages of things that represent the law; Lady Justice who represents the fairness of the judicial system, law courts, judges, handcuffs and The Houses of Parliament.

In Year 2, we looked at tolerance. We created watercolour paintings of London and then looked at a photo of ourselves and cut it into strips and juxtaposed it onto the painting. We did this to show that whatever our beliefs, religion, opinions, racial or ethnic origin we have the right to live and practise them in our city.

In art club, we also looked at the British artist, William Morris who was very famous for his wallpaper designs of flowers, leaves and birds. We looked at his designs and incorporated them into our own designs by Styrofoam printing onto fabric.

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Tesco’s Festive Windows

On Monday 4th December a group of children from across each year group went to Tesco’s along Queensway and painted their shop windows for Christmas with festive themed images. This was an exciting art opportunity for the children to be involved in community projects. Children were rewarded with a buffet of food by Tesco’s to say thank you for their fantastic work!

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Observational Drawings of Fish

As part of our topic on animals, we drew real fresh fish from observation. We began by mark making using different grade sketching pencils from 4H to 6B. We then had to carefully look at the fish and draw what we could see. We had to think about the shape, light and dark areas and the texture of the fish.

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Year 2 Scientists at the Westminster Academy

On Tuesday, Year 2 went on a trip to Westminster Academy. They were doing science about worms. When year 2 went there they did experiments about insects such as mealworms and locusts. They also learned whether the mealworm likes to go to the light side or the dark side of a dish.

Year 2 touched a worm called a mealworm. They were not scared. They wore blue gloves so the worm didn’t get injured. They also used magnifying glasses and saw them closely. They found it fun.

Their favourite part was when they looked at the locusts, because it could jump high and they had red eyes. They used a microscope to look at the locusts. Year 2 enjoyed the trip and had a lot of fun at Westminster Academy.

By Basam (Year 6) with Manar and Hannah (Year 2)

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