Living Things in Year 1!

To launch their new topic – Living Things – Year 1 have been talking about plants. They read the story of The Tiny Seed, and started to think about all the things that plants need to survive and grow to be big and healthy.

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The children made mini greenhouses using a plastic bag and cotton wool or tissue, and planted a broad bean in the bag. The children hung them in the window where they will be nice and warm. Year 1 also planted different kinds of seeds in pots using soil. In Apple class, they planted peas, sweet peas and cress. Year 1 also planted seeds outside in the school garden. They explored the different plants being grown there by other classes. The children are very excited to watch their plants grow!


Year 1 Garden Projects

The topic for Year 1 this term is Growth and Change. To continue their learning about plants and seasons, the children were asked to design and make a garden for their homework project. All the children worked really hard on their designs, and came up with some beautiful gardens!

Look at their amazing gardens!

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Alien Phonics!

On Tuesday an Alien arrived at our school to visit the Year 1 children before the phonics quiz to see if the children could read the names of the aliens from the far away planet that he came from.

The children won the quiz. Well done Year 1!

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Angry Bird Coding!

In Year 1, we have been getting to grips with computers. We have been learning some basic things we need to know, like how to turn computers on and off properly. We have been practising our skills, using the keyboard and mouse (double-clicking can be really tricky!). Now, we are learning some really advanced things – we are programming Angry Bird to catch the Green Pig!

Watch us code!

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The lighthouse special fruit salad!

This term, Year 2 have been writing their very own set of instructions using imperative verbs. We then decided to get creative and use our instructions to concoct an appetising fruit salad, just like the one Mrs. Grinling makes for Mr. Grinling in our focus book, ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.

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Virtual Reality with Google Expeditions

Yesterday, children from Year 1 to Year 6 were lucky to be visited by Flora from Google Expeditions. Flora took us on virtual journeys across the globe, under water and even through time!
The children wore cardboard headsets with lens and small mobile tablet which enabled them to engage in their learning in an immersive and fun way with this incredible emerging technology.

Amazing Tate Britain!

Children from across Key Stage 1 and 2 went on a whole day art trip at the amazing Tate Britain art gallery. They took part in a fantastic workshop by an artist in residence. The children engaged in a series of practical and gallery-based activities which they really enjoyed. For example, they looked at the artwork Curviliear Structure by Jeffrey Steele and discussed the different patterns and colours. Children then recreated the artwork using different coloured paper. They also looked at Turner’s painting Norham Castle and used pens to draw it.  Children also made a sculpture out of cardboard of the place that they most love. They were encouraged to be as imaginative and creative as possible.

We all had a fun day!

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Hallfield Origami Club

Children from Reception to Year 6, have been working with the Headteacher, Mr Sumner, expertly crafting the skills need to be an accomplished origamist.

In week 1, the group started off by making simple origami shapes but by week 7 they were attempting more complex creations such as these dolphins.

What has been fantastic to experience is the perseverance and collaboration of all the children, two of the key Hallfield values. Well done everyone and keep folding!

Have a look at our paper folding masters at work.

Toys! Toys! Toys!

Look at the incredible toys that we have been making in Year 1! They are amazing and we are very proud of what we have created.

Each one is a masterpiece, but which one is your favourite?

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