Performance Recounts about The Hallfield London Eye

After we visited the ‘Hallfield London Eye’ we wrote a recount and acted out our experience.
We were superstar actors and actresses because we used loud voices and lots of expression. We used actions and always faced the audience. We enjoyed watching our friends perform.

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Year 1 Art Jigsaw

In Year 1, we looked at the Hallfield value, Collaborative.  Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something. Collaboration enables us to share resources, achieve shared goals, share new ideas and new perspectives. We drew and painted images of teamwork on a jigsaw piece to show collaboration.

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The Sky’s the Limit with Year 2 Art

In Year 2 we looked at the Hallfield value, Aspirational. Being aspirational is having a strong desire, longing, or aim to achieve something or things. We all have aspirations no matter how big or small they are. We represented this value by drawing and painting birds that soar and aim high to the sky.

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Discovering the London Eye

This term, Year 2’s topic is London. We read the story of Katie in London and discussed the many landmarks Katie visits on her adventure in the capital city of England.

This week, the Year 2 classes all went on a ‘trip’ to the London Eye – using our imagination! We pretended that we were high up in the pods looking over the London sights! We saw landmarks like Big Ben, the Tower of London and Hyde Park.

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We watched videos, looked at photographs and imagined what it is like to visit the real London Eye. We thought of amazing adjectives to describe our experience. We are now writing recounts of our trip. It was fun!

Counting Experts in Birch Class

Year 1 Birch Class have been mastering counting to ten. We have been counting with one to one correspondence.

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We can write all our numbers correctly and some of us are even learning to write the numbers in words.

Diana Memorial Park Trip

A big thank you to all th​e parents who came on our trip to the Diana Memorial Park. The children had a great time playing on the pirate ship, in the sand and water, at the climbing area as well as the sensory area. We also enjoyed having our picnic lunch in the park! We had a brilliant day!

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Year 1 in Hyde Park

As part of their topic – Growth and Change – the children in Year 1 visited Hyde Park. They talked about the changes they noticed since their last walk in the Autumn. They observed that the leaves are now green, the weather in warmer, the grass in longer, and there are more flowers. Some children made a nature crown to show all the different plants they saw.

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Year 1 also had a special treat of ice lollies to say “Well done!” for working so hard for the Phonics Screening Check.

We had lots of fun!

We’re Going on a Tree Hunt!

This week, Apple class have been learning about trees. We named the parts of the tree and discussed the job of each part. We then explored the school grounds and tried to name the trees by observing the shapes of the leaves, the sizes of the trunks and the colours of the fruits. We found the tree after which our class is named hiding in the gardens.

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How many trees can you name?