Tri-borough Christmas Festival 2017

The school choir has had an extremely busy since December so far. Last week, we went to Regent Hall on Oxford Street to rehearse for the Tri-Borough Christmas festival in preparation for the actual concert which took place this week.

It was a very successful concert, with the choir on fine form!

You can find more pictures and videos at the Tri-borough Music Hub website by clicking here:


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Alice’s Wonderful Adventure

A group of children who are part of Children’s University went to see the production Alice’s Wonderful Adventure at the Global Co-operation House in Willesdon. This surprising adventure takes Alice down the rabbit hole with the wise White Rabbit to discover that Wonderland is rapidly running out of time.  Alice, White Rabbit and friends unexpectedly unearth Wonderland’s deepest secrets and Alice learns some delightful secrets of her own…

We enjoyed the production very much, especially the singing, costumes and characters!

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A visit to Westminster University

We visited Westminster University who are the organisers of Children’s University. Children’s University recognises the importance of activities that take place outside the school day. For every extra-curricular activity we do outside of school we collect a stamp on our Passports to Leaning. We need to collect 30 stamps to graduate with a bronze certificate and then accumulate more hours to achieve the next level award.

On our visit to Westminster University, we met some ambassadors of Children’s University, learnt all about what they are studying, all about university life and had a treasure hunt around the campus. We enjoyed our day which inspired us to go to want to go to university when we are older!

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Viking Day in Magnolia Class

The​se are photos of Viking Day in Year 4. We had a fantastic time pretending to be Vikings and learnt a great deal about weapons, clothing and Norse Myths. These photos are created by Hani and Jannah.

Also, Magnolia have started learning about electrical circuits in Science. We were investigating whether a circuit needs a switch, can include more than one battery and how to make a globe brighter.

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Physical Computing 101

The Year 5 and 6 Computing Club made their first fantastic steps into physical computing today. They have been learning brilliantly and are already experts at transferring cables from a normal PC to our special Raspberry Pi computers. Today, we learnt to create an LED circuit with a breadboard, jumper cables and a resistor all powered by our Raspberry Pi computers. Today an LED… tomorrow the world!

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British Values Art at Hallfield

In art, we have been looking at each of the British Values. The British Values are Democracy, Individual Liberty, the Rule of Law and Mutual Respect and Tolerance.

In Year 6, we looked at Individual Liberty, which suggests the free exercise of rights. We looked at how thousands of soldiers during WWII sacrificed their lives to preserve our individual liberty. We created charcoal drawings of WWII soldiers. We used willow and compressed charcoal. We used a range of shading techniques to show tone, for example, blending, cross-hatching, scumbling and stippling.

In Year 6, we also looked at Democracy which is the belief in freedom and equality between people. We all have a voice and have the right for it to be heard. We created Andy Warhol inspired self-portraits. We used carbon paper to trace our faces from a photograph and then repeated the image six times. We outlined our faces with a black marker and then used crayons to colour them in.

In Year 5, we looked at the Rule of Law that suggests no one is above the law. We created collages of things that represent the law; Lady Justice who represents the fairness of the judicial system, law courts, judges, handcuffs and The Houses of Parliament.

In Year 2, we looked at tolerance. We created watercolour paintings of London and then looked at a photo of ourselves and cut it into strips and juxtaposed it onto the painting. We did this to show that whatever our beliefs, religion, opinions, racial or ethnic origin we have the right to live and practise them in our city.

In art club, we also looked at the British artist, William Morris who was very famous for his wallpaper designs of flowers, leaves and birds. We looked at his designs and incorporated them into our own designs by Styrofoam printing onto fabric.

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Mahiya’s Amazing Spanish Presentation

Hola, me llamo Mahiya (Hello, my name is Mahiya). At home, I made a presentation on what I have been learning about in Spanish with Miss Perez. This term, in year 6, we have been learning about clocks and how to tell the time. With this learning, I made a PowerPoint to show Miss Perez what I have been learning so far. I also added some of my old and recent knowledge, such as: Spanish Greetings, Spanish Numbers, Spanish Colours, Spanish Clocks and Telling Time in Spanish.

By Mahiya, Hemlock Class

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Países de habla hispana

In Year 4, we have been learning about the countries where they speak Spanish in the world. We learnt their names, where are they on a map, the capitals of each of these countries, colours of their flag and the name of the continents where they are.

We learned all this information with interactive games, songs and some other activities. This is some of the writing we have made to give the information of each Spanish Speaking country.

spanish speaking countries Year 4

Count on Us Maths club

This weekly maths club is aimed at our most able mathematicians in years 4 and 5. The children have been developing their mental strategies and understanding of number by playing the 24-game where they have to use the four numbers on the card and any of the operations (+, -, X, ÷) to make 24! Some of the children are even having a go at using the two-digit cards. Can you have a go at making 24? Start with the one dotted cards and work your way up (the more dots, the more challenging it is).

They have also started to explore shapes through the use of pentominoes and tangrams. The children have come across lots of mathematical vocabulary and even algebra in the process!

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