Still Sea Life

As part of Year 5’s topic on water, in art children have been busy drawing and painting seashells and real, fresh fish from observation. Children had to draw the outline of the shell and fish in one clear line and draw the shadow of each as one shape. Children had to squint their eyes and look at both the fish and shells for the light and dark areas. They had to look for the darker side where it is less illuminated and apply pressure with their sketching pencil to represent this. Children then used watercolour paints to show the different shades of colour on both the fish and shells. Finally, children applied pastels to their artwork.

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Measurements in Maths

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In maths, we have been learning about measurements. In the playground, we were using this knowledge to measure our long jumps both in metres (m) and centimetres (cm). We jumped from a start line to as far as we could jump, then we used a trundle wheel to measure the distance. Later in the lesson, we measured our heights with a metre stick. It was a good lesson where we were outside and exploring measurements.

Naziha Alder


Narratives about ‘Street Child’

Last term, both year 5 classes wrote their own narratives about Street Child, our topic book. We read the book bit by bit and wrote sections of the story but from our own perspectives. In our narratives, we used lots of writing features, e.g. personification, expanded noun phrases, speech which advances the action, dashes and powerful adjectives. We have worked together and independently to link our paragraphs and create flow within the story. We are proud of our work!

Mobasar Alder

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The Robots Are Coming!

Year 5 and 6 after school coding club have started making robots using Raspberry Pi computers, CamJam Robotics Kits and some spare cardboard.

Fist we made our chassis, then we are wired them up and finally, we got coding.

Today, code club children have been independently debugging their code and coding robot journeys.

Today Hallfield… tomorrow the WORLD!

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Cause and Effect of Volcanoes

Today we worked in pairs to create an informative poster about volcanoes. My partner and I research on iPads, the cause of a volcano and the effect. We found out that volcanoes form when magma reaches the earth’s surface causing eruptions of lava and ash. They are very dangerous and therefore, people can lose their lives.

By Melodie in Walnut Class.

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Year 3 Spanish Monsters!

Year 3 have been learning about animals and how to describe them. They have been using this learning to play games with their classmates.

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As you can see in these pictures, children have drawn their own monsters. Then, they have written a description in their books and then read it to their partners so that they can draw what they hear. The challenge is to read, write and listen to descriptive sentences with the vocabulary learnt.

Magnolia Food Chains

On the first day back at school, Magnolia learnt about food chains in Science. We learnt that all plants are producers who get their energy from photosynthesis and that animals who eat plants are called primary consumers. Animals who eat other animals are called secondary consumers. We had lots of fun making a range of food chains in class.


Symmetry in Magnolia

​Magnolia have been learning about symmetry. We created some fantastic symmetrical patterns. However we are still learning and made a few mistakes! Can you spot them?

We also have been revising multiplication and looking at how to make numbers 10 and 100 times larger.

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Year 3 Narratives

Year 3 have been working on writing narratives. They recently published their stories inspired by The Tin Forest, a story we have read this term. Their published work showed beautiful use of adjectives, showing not telling how a character was feeling, and created fantastic tension and suspense for the reader. Here is a selection of some of their fantastic work. Some work has been chosen to be copied in our classroom book corner for all the children to read and enjoy the work of their classmates.

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Year 3 topic work

Year 3 have been learning all about saving the planet this term. We have been working on our skills in understanding and using an atlas accurately, as well as studying the differences between weather and climate. As a fun activity we pretended to be weather reports for the afternoon and had to give a weather report on a rainforest in the world.

Year 3 have also been looking at different living things in rainforests throughout the world, including the Amazon. We created fact files about these animals in pairs and presented the information to the class. We researched these animals using the ipads and our internet research skills.  The class had to work out what the animal was and which layer of the rainforest it would be found in.

Here is a selection of some our lovely work this term.

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3 wishes for Year 3!

​Year 3 were given the amazing opportunity to visit the Prince Edward Theatre on Thursday 17th May. We were able to watch the spectacular production of Aladdin. This has enhanced our learning from Spring term’s topic ‘Arabian Nights’. The sets and props were very eye-catching and we were able to laugh at the Genie’s jokes too. The whole of year 3 behaved brilliantly throughout the day and would like to thank the HSA for all their amazing hard work to raise money for our trip.

We have been reflecting on our theatre experience by creating art work, exploring more adventurous vocabulary and writing thank you letters for accompanying adults. We have also been able to talk about our favourite parts of the show which has caused some debate!

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