Young Leadership Team Ambassadors

This year, a number of the year 6 children completed application forms and went through a rigorous interview process for the chance to be a member of the Young Leadership Team (YLT). Below are photographs of the YLT in their first meeting.

The YLT have an important role to play in representing the school and helping others. There are nine of us this year! In our first meeting, we discussed the Hallfield values and what it means to be kind (our one school rule). We also brainstormed ideas for the YLT agreement and used the diamond nine to come up with the most important qualities of a Young Leader (see photos). YLT have a positive attitude and are great role models to the rest of the school. We will be leading an assembly very soon to tell others more about what we will be doing throughout the year and what it means to be an ambassador to the school!

By Malak

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Year 5 Consider a Trip to Mars

Last week, Year 5 visited the Science museum and here is what they thought:

Last Thursday, Year 5 went to the Science Museum.  The reason we went to the Science Museum is because we have been exploring Space and Beyond. The thing that really caught our eye was the giant interactive bright globe that changed planets and colours. We learnt that if you go to Mars you cannot wash for three years. Would you like to go to Mars?

By Lamia and Ajmal

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The Beep Test in Year 5

Year 5 have been doing the ‘beep test’ to measure their aerobic fitness. The beep test involves running up and down a 20m track in time to increasingly faster beep signals. It is a great motivation tool and for students to learn to push themselves.

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Cave Art

In art we have been looking at cave paintings as part of our topic on the Stone Age. Cave paintings were made using charcoal and clay. We learnt that cave paintings have survived to this day because the charcoal and clay was mixed with animal fats, vegetable juice and cave water so that the materials stuck to the cave walls!
We learnt all about charcoal as a drawing medium and learnt some different shading techniques such as blending, hatching, cross hatching, stippling and scumbling. We then incorporated all of the drawing techniques to draw a still life. We drew objects relating to the Stone Age; wood, rocks, faux animal fabric, fake animal bones, nuts and sea shells. We had the choice of either focusing on one object to draw, a section of the still life or the whole composition. We used both willow and compressed charcoal. We had to think about tone, texture and form.

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Alder Class Friendship Assembly

Have a look at our photos from Alder Class assembly last week on friendship!

The main character wished to make a good friend at school and so was given a recipe to make a good friend. She went on an adventure to find all the ingredients. Along the way, she learned many things about friendship through meeting the different characters and songs!

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Stone Age Boy Settings in Willow Class

Willow class have been reading Stone Age Boy. We have been learning how to write setting descriptions for our narratives. As part of our learning we created puppets from the story to help us use prepositional language in our writing. Willow class have been working so hard this year and it will be wonderful to see their completed setting descriptions.

Cross Country in Regent’s Park

In cross country, years 4, 5 and 6 were invited to attend running for about one mile. Some of the girls were able to run in the boys’ race, and most of them were faster, so Mr Rash gave them a star.
At the beginning of the race, when you’re at the point of getting ready, people will crowd around you. When you’re already off there will be people on the sides making sure you’re going the right way and cheering you on as you go.
When you’ve just started the activity be aware of people because there will be a point when people start to push you.
The best things to do is jog and try not to waste your energy at the start, because if you have enough energy at the end and you will be able to speed up while others slow down.
by Pearl and Jeane

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