Units of measure

We are busy applying our knowledge of units of measurement to solving different kinds of maths problems! We are also using imperial units of measure, e.g. inches, feet, pints, pounds. We are able to convert between imperial and metric units of measure!

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Measurements in Maths

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In maths, we have been learning about measurements. In the playground, we were using this knowledge to measure our long jumps both in metres (m) and centimetres (cm). We jumped from a start line to as far as we could jump, then we used a trundle wheel to measure the distance. Later in the lesson, we measured our heights with a metre stick. It was a good lesson where we were outside and exploring measurements.

Naziha Alder


Amazing Shape Finders in Year 3

Our Summer one topic in Year ​3 has been shape. We have been using lots of practical opportunities to investigate 2 Dimensional shapes and use our previous knowledge to support our reasoning. We have also looked at shapes in the environment and paying particular focus to angles.

Our new words this term have been: acute, right angle, obtuse. We are now extending our understanding by looking at the properties of lines (parallel and perpendicular)

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What’s the time, Year 2?

In maths, Year 2 has been learning about time. We can name the minute and hour hands, and made our own clock, making sure we put all the numbers in the right places!

Throughout the week we learned how to read the time from a clock and make times on a small clock. We started by reading ‘o’clock’, ‘half past’, ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter to’ time, and then challenged ourselves by reading the time to five minutes.

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3D Shapes in year 5

We have been very busy learning about 3D shapes this half term, including classifying them according to their properties. We have practised visualising nets of 3D shapes and then using polydrons and cubes to represent them. Equally, we have explored rectangles and their lengths by finding perimeter.

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Magnolia in Maths

Magnoli​a have been working with shape in Mathematics this week. We have been sorting different shapes to understand what a regular and irregular polygon is. Then we plotted these polygons on a grid and played a game similar to ‘Battle Ship’ with a partner.

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Count on Us Maths Competition

Hallfield hosted the Count on Us Maths Regional Heats for 27 other schools on Wednesday 21st March. The three children who represented Hallfield have been working extremely hard and their hard work has paid off as not only did they have a great time meeting children from schools across London but they have also managed to go through to the semi-finals. The Hallfield team are eagerly looking forward to competing in the next stage of the competition. The semi-finals will be held in City Hall in the Summer Term so keep an eye out for more photos and updates!

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Growth Mindset in Maths

We have been learning all about Growth Mindset in maths! We explored the power of YET, discussed inspirational quotes by famous people and looked at “famous failures” to remind us that we should always persevere. After all, resilience is one of the Hallfield values.

To help us understand Growth Mindset, an author called Terry Smith visited our school. He read us a lovely story about Maths, Magic and Growth Mindset. We even got the opportunity to ask him lots of questions at the end.

We shall continue to celebrate mistakes in maths and ensure that our mindset continues to grow!

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Watch the clip below to find out more about the difference between having a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset:

What kind of mindset do YOU have?


Learning About Shapes and Computers in Olive Class

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Last term we were learning about shapes. We explored both 2D and 3D shapes. We talked, wrote about, drew and cut out our favorite 2D shapes. We also made some huge 3D shapes. We looked at how many faces, vertices and edges each 3D shape has.

We were also busy building imaginary towers, houses, train stations and many more using 3D shapes with our friends.

It was last term when Olive Class had a go at using the ICT room for the first time. We all listened to the teacher’s instructions and were able to play some computer games, listen to some music and drew some pictures using the mouse and the keyboard. We all had lots of fun!