Count on Us Maths club

This weekly maths club is aimed at our most able mathematicians in years 4 and 5. The children have been developing their mental strategies and understanding of number by playing the 24-game where they have to use the four numbers on the card and any of the operations (+, -, X, ÷) to make 24! Some of the children are even having a go at using the two-digit cards. Can you have a go at making 24? Start with the one dotted cards and work your way up (the more dots, the more challenging it is).

They have also started to explore shapes through the use of pentominoes and tangrams. The children have come across lots of mathematical vocabulary and even algebra in the process!

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Maths progress in Reception

The children in Fig (Reception) C​lass have been doing fantastic number work, we have been helping Kipper celebrate his birthday by counting candles and cakes and matching the correct quantity to the correct numeral​ . We have been using the unifix cubes to help us count and make different numbers. We have been learning how to use the ten frame in our number work, for example: finding different ways to make number 10, adding one more/one less.

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Monster Maths in year 3

This term, we have been focusing on multiplication and division. we have had a particular focus on the 3x,4x and 8x table. Not only have we been looking at recall, but we have also been learning how to represent multiplication and division.

We have learnt 4 strategies;

– repeated addition

– arrays

– grouping

– equal jumps on a number line.


Now we are looking at problems in context and linking our learning to our Roman Topic. Have a look at some of our great pictures from our lessons this term.

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Rounding Numbers Game

During Maths, Magnolia Class were learning how to round numbers to the nearest ten. We played a game outside where we had to round a certain number and walk to the person who was holding the correct answer.


Counting Experts in Birch Class

Year 1 Birch Class have been mastering counting to ten. We have been counting with one to one correspondence.

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We can write all our numbers correctly and some of us are even learning to write the numbers in words.

Maths Tutoring

Our Young Leadership Team in year 6 are supporting targeted year 4 children in improving their fluency in different aspects of Number. They have selected their partners and will be working with them every week at lunch time. Manipulatives are used to reinforce mathematical concepts before moving onto Pictorial representations and then the Abstract. The club is lead with the support of the maths co-ordinator to ensure that year 4 children are being supported and challenged appropriately.

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Count On Us club

Most able mathematicians in years 4 and 5 also attend a lunch time club in Hallfield. The Count On Us club aims to further develop children’s love for mathematics through fun activities whilst challenging them. Hallfield will be taking part in and hosting the Regional Heats for the Count on Us Primary Challenge in April!

Count on Us Challenge is a maths tournament involving over 100 schools from across London. The tournament focuses on shape puzzles, number games and code breaking challenges to help develop children’s confidence, problem-solving skills, and arithmetic abilities. Last year, we came in 15th position out of 100 schools and we are certainly looking forward to doing even better at the tournaments this year!

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Noether club

Our most able mathematicians in year 6 attend a weekly after school maths club in Westminster Academy. They had to sit an initial preliminary test in the form of a Junior UKMT maths challenge paper in order to qualify for a place in the club. The club is named after Emmy Noether, a mathematician who made huge advances in algebra and theoretical physics! They are currently enjoying applying their mathematical knowledge to solve problems in different contexts!

Here are a few quotes from children attending the club:

  • “It is very stimulating, challenging and best of all, it’s fun” – Mustafa 
  • “It’s very exciting, and competing with Year 7s is very challenging, along with other Year 6s.” – Habib 

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Christmas Maths Challenge Answers!

A huge well done on all your efforts! We were so impressed by the number of people who completed the challenge. It was very evident that pupils across the school were challenging themselves and being brave learners. So even if your work is not on the website this time, you deserve a big cheer for all your effort! We look forward to setting the next challenge!

Year 1

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Year 3

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Year 4

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Year 5

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Year 6

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