Great Sounding Places!

Year 3 and 4 Code Club have been creating amazing musical islands using the brilliant and fun app, Isle of Tune. We have been creating road networks surrounded by musical trees and flowers as well as lampposts that play beats and houses that squeak, bark and bleep. We placed cars on the road that play the tune we have coded as they drive by.

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Preparing for the Royal Albert Hall

Hallfield Choir doesn’t slow down! After very busy December 2017 we are still working hard to get ready for our next performance that will take place on 26th March 2018 at The Royal Albert Hall.

The concert is organised by ARMONICO CONSORT and AC Academy and we are excited be a part of a mass choir there.

On 25th January 2018 we had an inspirational Mentoring Workshop Session. There is still much to be done but we will be ready on time!

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Our Choir in the Community!

On 19th December 2017, just past 2pm, our school choir started their last performance of the year. We were asked to sing at the German YMCA in Craven Terrace, London. Another fantastic opportunity for us to contribute to local community events. The mini-concert was once again a great success.

Now we are looking forward to having some rest before we be get ready to perform at The Royal Albert Hall on 26th March 2018. Making it our second time this academic year!!!

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Tri-borough Christmas Festival 2017

The school choir has had an extremely busy since December so far. Last week, we went to Regent Hall on Oxford Street to rehearse for the Tri-Borough Christmas festival in preparation for the actual concert which took place this week.

It was a very successful concert, with the choir on fine form!

You can find more pictures and videos at the Tri-borough Music Hub website by clicking here:


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Choir performance at the Royal Albert Hall

On Wednesday the 1st of November, the choir went on an amazing trip to the Royal Albert Hall. We walked through Hyde Park and it took us about 20 minutes. When we arrived we went through door 6 to the gallery (where we have our lunch and dinner). Later on, we went downstairs to find our chairs and rehearse with our folders which had the songs we had learned in choir. After 2-3 hours we went to the gallery to have our scrumptious lunch and talked about rehearsal. Then we went back down to practice some more songs and then we ate dinner. Next, we changed into our shirts and had Halloween candy that miss gave us.

We then went down to perform. We tried to find our parents then eventually we did. After that, the performance started. Also, we had special dancers from the Adele Stich dance group, and pineapple studios and they were PHENOMENAL! We also had a special choir to come and perform and they were great! After that, we saw the winners for the competition. And then there were a few solos during the songs. After all, we had a great time there. Some of us purchased souvenir teddies to remember the event.

by Nancy and Samira

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Choir Creation Project!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to inform you that our school choir will take part in “Choir Creation Project” lead by AC Academy.  The programme lasts for 5 weeks and the dates are:

Week 1: 23rd January
Week 2: 30th January
Week 3: 6th February
Week 4: 20th February
Week 5: 27th February

The time of the session is: 1.45-3pm

As a result, we hope to be performing at the Royal Albert Hall again.

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Exciting concerts on the way!

The Hallfield Choir has been extremely busy since we decided to take part in two amazing concerts.
First, we have the incredible opportunity to sing at The Royal Albert Hall on 28th November 2016 , and as if that wasn’t enough, we will then be singing at Kensington Palace on 2nd December 2016!
We are all very excited about that and we are working hard to represent Hallfield the best possible way.

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