Getting Fit in year 4

We have been busy practicing our ball skills in PE this week. Mr Rash has been teaching us how to defend and attack in an invasion game. We have been learning how to mark a player, pass the ball with a chest pass and pivot on our feet.

We have also been learning all about healthy eating and exercise in MEND. We increased our heart and pace rates by playing fun games.


Professional Cricketers

This term, Harry from Lord’s Cricket Ground has been teaching Year 5 all the cricket techniques the professional cricketers use on the field. We have been looking at fielding, batting and bowling. We learnt that the difference between bowling and throwing is, when you are bowling a ball your arms must be straight, where as when you are throwing a ball you can bend your arms.

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Year 5 Bikeability

What a fantastic week of biking these children have experienced!

Learning the new and exciting skill of bike riding has been rewarding and challenging to all children who took part! They have shown great independence in their skills and progression, as well as a massive boost to their confidence, throughout the week! This has inspired and encouraged the children to include biking as a way to improve fitness as well as fun!

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Fit Week – The Results are In!

Classes in Key Stage 2 predicted how many steps Mr Sumner would make during Fit Week from Monday – Friday.

Here are the predictions:
Mulberry – 35, 552
Willow – 35, 524
Magnolia – 35, 202
Cherry – 35, 251
Cedar – 35, 350
Walnut – 35, 632
Alder – 35, 281
Hemlock – 35, 642
Aspen – 35, 641


Mr Sumner walked 35, 672 steps!

The winner is………DRUM ROLL……… Hemlock with 35, 642

Fantastic results at the Athletic Competition

Hallfield did a fantastic job at representing us at both the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Indoors Athletic competitions.

Years 5/6 came first place in both the girls triple jump and chest push. Overall, Hallfield came in 2nd place! The Y5/6 team were also awarded the school with most ‘passion’.

The Y3/4 team were awarded the most ‘determined’ school and finished in the top five schools out of over 20!

Well done Hallfield!

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Fit Week

This week, Hallfield is participating in Fit Week.

We have been discussing nutrition and ways to keep fit.

We have introduced a brand new certificate P.E Star of the Week – awarded to one student per year group.

To earn this award you need to:

  • Bring your P.E. kit every week
  • Show a fantastic attitude during P.E. lessons
  • Include healthy snacks/lunch in your lunch box.

Look at our Healthy Lifestyle posters. The winner will be announced this Friday!

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A Library Trip for Nursery and More

This week we have been learning about keeping safe and friendships. As part of our learning, we went on a trip to the local library. We talked about keeping safe in the environment and the importance of holding hands with our partner.

We listened to a story and chose our own books in the library and shared them with our friends during circle time.

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The children really enjoyed working with their friends during our P.E session. we have been using our listening skills to follow instructions and practicing throwing and catching.


We have been learning some new sounds and actions as part of our Phonics. we are beginning to think of different objects that begin with the different sounds, ‘s,a,t,p’. Take a look at some of our pictures…

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Year 2 Gymnastics Stars

Children in Year 2 are learning to be amazing gymnasts! They have been practicing and perfecting the most important gymnastics positions. These children are modeling some of the positions, including the pike, straight, star, arch, dish, a front support and back support.

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How many can you do?

Walnut class at Lords Cricket ground

Last Friday, my class and I visited Lords Cricket Ground. First, we met Jade we played games and she taught us how to play cricket. We were really luck and got a tour of the whole ground. My favourite part of the tour was the changing rooms because we got to see the scoring board and where the captain sat. We then had lunch at the café, overlooking the grounds. Lastly, we had a Maths lesson looking at our scores. It was quiet hard because we had to convert fractions into decimals and percentages. England’s cricket is in Australia now, playing against Australia. I hope England wins even though my teacher wants Australia to win.

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The Beep Test in Year 5

Year 5 have been doing the ‘beep test’ to measure their aerobic fitness. The beep test involves running up and down a 20m track in time to increasingly faster beep signals. It is a great motivation tool and for students to learn to push themselves.

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Cross Country in Regent’s Park

In cross country, years 4, 5 and 6 were invited to attend running for about one mile. Some of the girls were able to run in the boys’ race, and most of them were faster, so Mr Rash gave them a star.
At the beginning of the race, when you’re at the point of getting ready, people will crowd around you. When you’re already off there will be people on the sides making sure you’re going the right way and cheering you on as you go.
When you’ve just started the activity be aware of people because there will be a point when people start to push you.
The best things to do is jog and try not to waste your energy at the start, because if you have enough energy at the end and you will be able to speed up while others slow down.
by Pearl and Jeane

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