Mahiya’s Amazing Spanish Presentation

Hola, me llamo Mahiya (Hello, my name is Mahiya). At home, I made a presentation on what I have been learning about in Spanish with Miss Perez. This term, in year 6, we have been learning about clocks and how to tell the time. With this learning, I made a PowerPoint to show Miss Perez what I have been learning so far. I also added some of my old and recent knowledge, such as: Spanish Greetings, Spanish Numbers, Spanish Colours, Spanish Clocks and Telling Time in Spanish.

By Mahiya, Hemlock Class

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Países de habla hispana

In Year 4, we have been learning about the countries where they speak Spanish in the world. We learnt their names, where are they on a map, the capitals of each of these countries, colours of their flag and the name of the continents where they are.

We learned all this information with interactive games, songs and some other activities. This is some of the writing we have made to give the information of each Spanish Speaking country.

spanish speaking countries Year 4

Learning Spanish at home!

Year 6 have been learning the name and position of the planets in the Solar System in Spanish.

Jinan has researched some more information about the planets at home and used his knowledge of Spanish to create this amazing project.El Sistema Solar Jinan Year 6.PNG

Also, Year 6 have been taught how to ask and give the time in Spanish and also how to implement those skills in a conversation about their school day.

Bader has written some sentences at home using the time and the name of the subjects he has learnt at school but in Spanish.

Las horas Year 6 Bader.PNG