Year 3 Spanish

Year 3 have been reviewing numbers in Spanish. They have also started to learn the letters of the alphabet in Spanish, listening and singing a song of the alphabet. They were able to write their own words in Spanish using number codes that they have created themselves.

Can you challenge yourself to guess what are the words hidden behind the numbers?


Can you challenge yourself to guess what are the words hidden behind the numbers?

Year 3 Spanish Monsters!

Year 3 have been learning about animals and how to describe them. They have been using this learning to play games with their classmates.

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As you can see in these pictures, children have drawn their own monsters. Then, they have written a description in their books and then read it to their partners so that they can draw what they hear. The challenge is to read, write and listen to descriptive sentences with the vocabulary learnt.

Pablo Picasso

Year 5 have been learning parts of the face in Spanish through the paintings of the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

They created their own paintings and were able to write simple sentences to describe the faces.

They also played  interactive games to check their learning in the areas of spellings and sentence building.

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Year 6 Países Hispanos

Year 6 are learning about the Spanish speaking countries. We have learned the names and now we can give information about them. For example: the capital, colours of the flags, the continent they are in, nationalities, etc.

We can give this information in full sentences. Here are some examples of our learning this week.


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¿A Qué Sabe la luna?”

In Year 3, we are learning about animals through the story “¿A qué sabe la luna?”. We learned the name of some animals and now we can also describe them with size adjectives. Some of us can even describe them using simple sentences. Look at some of the work we’ve been doing.

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El loro Tico Tango

Year 2 are learning names of animals and fruits with the storybook  “El loro Tico Tango”, which is the Spanish version of “The parrot Tico Tango”. They can say and write the tittle and describe the main character in Spanish. They are also using the Spanish dictionary to find out other fruit’s and animal’s names.

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Mahiya’s Amazing Spanish Presentation

Hola, me llamo Mahiya (Hello, my name is Mahiya). At home, I made a presentation on what I have been learning about in Spanish with Miss Perez. This term, in year 6, we have been learning about clocks and how to tell the time. With this learning, I made a PowerPoint to show Miss Perez what I have been learning so far. I also added some of my old and recent knowledge, such as: Spanish Greetings, Spanish Numbers, Spanish Colours, Spanish Clocks and Telling Time in Spanish.

By Mahiya, Hemlock Class

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Países de habla hispana

In Year 4, we have been learning about the countries where they speak Spanish in the world. We learnt their names, where are they on a map, the capitals of each of these countries, colours of their flag and the name of the continents where they are.

We learned all this information with interactive games, songs and some other activities. This is some of the writing we have made to give the information of each Spanish Speaking country.

spanish speaking countries Year 4