El Sistema Solar – Year 5 Spanish

This term, Year 5 children are learning to describe the planets in the Solar System in Spanish. They have been watching a video in Spanish about “El Sistema Solar” and learning the planets names and some more information. They used the dictionaries to find out the adjectives to describe the planets. They also have written descriptive sentences and translate them in English.

Year 6 Go to Shelter – Anderson Shelters

Last week, Children from Aspen and Redwood were set the exciting task of creating their very own miniature-sized Anderson or Morrison shelters from World War 2. As soon as Monday arrived the following week, children were very eager to drop in their amazing projects to class to show and tell to their peers. Children learnt a fundamental lesson in how to be resourceful at home and using materials, such as cereal boxes, fabrics, plastics and even small miniature toys to add to the imagination of their miniature-sized creations. The results across the year group were fantastic and many of the children earned themselves some extra gold stars.

Fantastic Learning in Reception

Our topic this term is all about our favourite toys. In Literacy, we are looking at a variety of different books such as ‘Toys in Space’, ‘Kipper’s Toy Box’ and ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs’. We have been drawing pictures of our favourite toys and using our phonic knowledge to write CVC words.

In Math’s we are learning to count to 20 and match the correct quantity to the correct numeral, we have been using stars, rockets and number aliens.

We have been very busy getting creative, painting rockets, stars and making different planets using papier-mache. In the area of ‘understanding of the world’, we have been finding out all about space and having fun using our spaceship role play to visit the moon and explore different planets. We also have lots of fun exploring the outdoor area using a variety of different construction materials to build rockets to go to the moon.

Year 5 Explore The Solar System

Year 5 have been learning about Earth and beyond!

As part of their learning, they had to create 3D models and posters about our solar system. This homework project has enabled them to be creative about the materials and designs they use. Many of them also included fact files to share the information they have learnt.

Children also had the chance to present their homework projects to the rest of the class.

Diwali in the Nursery

This week in Nursery we have been celebrating Diwali. We have been listening to the story ‘Lighting a Lamp’.

The Children have really enjoyed making and decorating their own Diva Lamps. First we moulded the clay and waited patiently for them to dry before adding our own decorations.

We have been counting the Diva lamps and matching them to the correct numeral and we have been designing our own Rangoli patterns using coloured rice and chalk in the outdoor area. Our favourite part of the celebration was making some traditional food… it was delicious!

Birch Class Have Fun on the Floating Classroom

For the last eight weeks, Birch Class has been visiting the ‘Floating Classroom’. The children have explored and learned about different animals and their habitats. We have all been taking part in various interesting projects and activities. For example, practicing animal yoga, acting out and recording a story and making animal masks and puppets. We all had lots of fun with our learning.

‘Oso pardo’ by Eric Carle in Year 1

In this term Year 1, children are learning animals and retelling the story of Brown Bear by Eric Carle in Spanish. They have been listening to the story and learning the animal’s names with flashcards and games. They will learn to listen, say, read and write the animals and describe their colours in the story. At the end of the term they will retell the story by themselves in Spanish.

First Aid Training in Year 5

As part of the Children’s University, children in Year 5 were given a first aid training with a qualified first aider on Monday afternoon.

First aid is the help given to someone who is injured or ill to keep them safe. Children learn to deal with bumps, burns, breaks and bleeding, carry out CPR and deal with obstructions to the airway. The first aid session was practical, involved lots of activities and all of children learnt some basic first aid skills which can stay with them for a lifetime.

Subtracting in Year 2 Using Regrouping

In Maths, Year 2 have been learning how to subtract. This week, we discovered that sometimes you need to regroup when trying to take away the second number in an equation. For example in 35 – 6; the ones in the second value is more than the ones in the first value. So we had to cross into the tens by using 10 ones instead of 1 ten. We used tens frames and then Dienes apparatus to help us.