Place Value in Year 4

We are excited to be sharing our learning with you, as usual!

This week, we have been looking at the place value of four digit numbers and learning to represent them using dienes and counters. We have also been partitioning the numbers by writing number equations in expanded form and identifying the place value of each digit.

Below are some examples of our work:

Year 3 Spanish

Year 3 have been reviewing numbers in Spanish. They have also started to learn the letters of the alphabet in Spanish, listening and singing a song of the alphabet. They were able to write their own words in Spanish using number codes that they have created themselves.

Can you challenge yourself to guess what are the words hidden behind the numbers?


Can you challenge yourself to guess what are the words hidden behind the numbers?

Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! It has been lovely to meet all of the children properly; we are all looking forward to a great year!

 Year 2 have been reading “Katie in London.” They have learned lots about the names of landmarks in London. In groups, the children then sequenced the pictures from the story and labelled each landmark.

They loved seeing landmarks in the book that they had seen before and talking about them! The child began thinking about effective use of adjectives and chose the best ones to match their place of interest.

In Maths , we have started thinking about place value. The children have begun working with different resources to gain a deep understanding of the value in two digit numbers.


Year 5 Back to School

Walnut and Alder have had a fantastic start to Year 5. They  have been asking many questions about our topic this term, which is all about earth and space. We have created KWL charts for our class working walls and have been introduced to new vocabulary.

In English, they are learning to write narratives inspired by the novel “The Jamie Drake Equation”. In Maths, they are  learning to read and write numbers to 10,000  as well as consolidating  place value knowledge using a variety of resources. Here are some great examples of our geography and maths lessons.IMG_1872IMG_1857

Summer Trip

This week the Children in Elm and Ash Classes went on their summer trip to   The Princess Diana Memorial Park. We had lots of fun exploring on the pirate ship and playing in the large sand area with our friends.

Take a look at some of our amazing photographs….​

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Robot Wars at Hallfield – Pi Noon!

After-school coding club have their varied robot anomalies armed with a sharp pin, ready to burst the bubble of their opponents at our second day of Hallfield Robot Wars competitions!

As well as a sharp needle, the robots have a not so threatening balloon at the back which they have to use all their skills to defend.

Today was this year’s final exciting battles to the pop! We had some two-on-one battles and many multi-player mash-ups. It was latex carnage! But all good clean fun.

Congratulations Coding Club children on your fabulous creations and your coding triumphs!


Under The Sea

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about different sea ​creatures and finding out some interesting facts about them.

We have created our own beach in the role play area and we have real sand just like the beach!

We are enjoying investigating with the different shells and discovered that by holding the shell close to your ear you can hear the sea.

The children have enjoyed listening to The Rainbow Fish story and talking about the importance of sharing and being kind to our friends.

We have been counting the scales on the Rainbow Fish and making predictions by suggesting how many jewels are in the treasure boxes and we have been designing our own sea creatures using a range of media and mixing colours to achieve a desired effect.

Take a look at some of our amazing learning.

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