Learning in Elm Class

This week, Elm class have been extremely busy, we have been looking after the pets in the role play vets and talking about how we can care for them and make them feel better.

The children have continued to explore in the outdoor area, building a train using the crates and tyres, thinking about how to make the train long enough to fit the whole class on. They created their own writing station using a range of materials and built tables using the boxes and formed a shelter, so we didn’t get too wet in the rain.

We have been learning all about the Easter Celebration, we enjoyed making our own chocolate nests and taking part in Hallfield’s annual Easter Bonnet Parade. We were so proud of our bonnets and so were our parents!

Take a look at some of our AMAZING learning……


Fourth Plinth School Awards

In art, some Year 6 children created artwork for the Fourth Plinth Programme. Funded by the Mayor of London and supported by Arts Council England, it invites artists to create new works for display in Trafalgar Square. Children needed to imagine and design what they would like to see on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.  ​A huge congratulations to one of our students, the artwork, Don’t Hide Your Emotions, has been selected as one of the winning entries! Take a look at all our wonderful entries.

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Mother’s Day Celebration in Elm Class

The children and the mummies in Elm class, had a lovely afternoon celebrating Mother’s Day. We decorated our own biscuits, made cards and enjoyed sharing our amazing indoor and outdoor environment. To end our celebration, we sang a very special song for our special mummy’s, a song I am sure all of the mums will not forget.

Take a look at some of our special photographs…….

Imaginative Play with Elm Class

The children in Elm class have been using the Hallfield value of collaboration, working together and communicating with one another in the outdoor area. First, they used their imagination to think about what they would like to construct, then they collected the materials they required and experimented with their ideas and theories. W

ith some help from Mrs. Roberts, built their own house, campervan and outdoor library, using cardboard boxes, string and tape. They even took  books to the library and shared them with our friends.

Ahhh! Minibeasts Have Come to Ash Class

This week in Ash class, we have been exploring minibeasts. We have looked at real ones and have learnt how to take care of them, promoting our knowledge of care for others. We have also been on the hunt looking for them in our sensory tray extending our understanding on minibeasts and how to use the appropriate equipment, such as magnifying glasses.

Many of us have been very engaged with making out own minibeast books. We have learnt some new minibeast names and have been able to practice our cutting and sticking skills. As we all have had our own books, we have had to write our own names on them which has promoted our name writing skills.

We have also looked at how to make noise using available resources outside in our new performing area. We got really creative with what we used and how to make noise and made our own musical instruments.

Celebrating 100 years of Women Police

In art club, we have been creating artwork for a competition organised by the Metropolitan police. Our brief was to design a poster that celebrates 100 years of women policing London​. We used pencils, markers and crayon. If we win, we will get to visit behind the scenes of the Metropolitan Police. Fingers crossed!

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Create Photography Exhibition at St Vincent’s School

Over the past term, a group of children have been working with Create, an arts charity, on the project ‘The Hidden Me’. Children have been working with a professional photographer and learning how to use a camera, from how to best capture a photo in certain light conditions, how to zoom into an image, superimpose images and how to show mood and emotion in a photo. Children have been exploring their identity using photography and collage and on Monday afternoon, children showcased their work at St Vincent’s School, who are also part of the project.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar visits Reception

This week we are reading the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. In literacy, we have been writing our favourite part of the story and practicing writing the days of the week. We are also learning about the life cycle of the butterfly and have been busy drawing it.

In maths, we are learning about money and we have been exploring using 1p, 2p and 5p coins to make different amounts of money. It has been fun transferring this learning into our fruit and veg shop in our role play area where we have been using these coins to make transactions.

In art, we used balloon printing to make our own caterpillars and on the outside area we have been finding vegetables in our vegetable garden and sorting them into the correct trays.

Take a look at some of our amazing work…

Learning in Birch

We have enjoyed having the opportunity to visit the school chicks, watching them hatch and grow and learning about their life cycle. In maths, we have been learning to count and multiply numbers by 2, 5 and 10. We have used addition to help us and put objects into equal groups and write a calculation. In English, we have been following instructions in preparation to write our own. We will be using our instructions to make a Pinocchio puppet and an old Victorian game called cup and ball.