Beekeeping Workshop

As part of Children’s University, a group of children have been visiting the Floating Classroom in Paddington every Tuesday after school for a series of sciences sessions. Last week, children enjoyed a beekeeping workshop at St Ermin’s Hotel, near St James’ Park. Children wore protective bee suits and were given an introduction to beekeeping with the resident beekeeper Camilla Goddard. Following an informative talk, children got ‘hands on’ with the bees. They were shown the inside of hives and watched the 350,000 bees go about their daily business – making honey. What an amazing experience!


Fig Explore Superheroes in our Community

In Fig class, we have been learning all about superheroes who help us in our community. In particular, we have been looking at Police Officers and Fire fighters.

In literacy, we have been drawing pictures and labelling our Police Officer/Fire Fighter, we also have been using our phonic knowledge to write about a Police Officer’s and a Fire Fighter’s job and how they help the community.

We transformed our outside role play into our very own fire station. We dressed up as fire fighters and talked about the different types of equipment a fire fighter uses, and we formed our own hose to help put out the fire when engaged in our imaginary play.

In maths, we had to fill in the missing numbers, we had to cut out our numbers and use our mathematical skill to place them correctly to make   a number line to 20

In our creative development, we made and painted police cars and fire engines

Take a look at some of our amazing learning….

Vodafone Help Hallfield

On Tuesday last week, The Paddington Partnership arranged for a group of volunteers from Vodafone to help around the school. They tackled some tricky jobs from supporting with prepping the summer fair, painting the shed, tidying the school grounds and repairs to the other parts of the school.

It was a great day and all the volunteers did it with a smile on their face. From all of us at Hallfield – thank you very much – your hard work and generosity is greatly appreciated.

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Year 1 Work with the Artist George

This morning, Year 1 children worked with the fine artist, George, from Heatherleys Art School. Children explored line and tone. In art, tone refers to lightness and darkness, and line, is defined as a path created by a point moving in space. A line might be thick, thing, horizontal, vertical, zig – zag, curly, spiral etc.: and are often very expressive. Children used line and tone to draw a volcano surrounded by an ocean. They needed to think about the darkest areas and the lightest areas and the different pencil strokes.

Year 2 Sketching Science

Year 2 went on a brilliant trip this term to the Queens Gallery at Buckingham Palace. There we got to see some amazing drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci.

We learnt some interesting facts about Da Vinci. For example, did you know that despite all his amazing inventions and research he never went to university?

We were able to walk through the galleries and have a go at being artists like Leonardo. We made an observational sketch of a man’s face, created our own dragon and labelled the parts of an Oak tree.

We had a fantastic day and are looking forward to using our sketching skills back at school.


Picasso Inspired Portraits by Year 4

Year 4 have been looking at Pablo Picasso in art. Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous artists of the twentieth-century. As an artist, he liked to experiment and try out new ideas, which is important if you are an artist, because the world is always changing. Picasso helped us see the world in new ways. One of his most famous periods is the cubist period. Cubism is when the artist paints an object, like a bottle, from lots of different angles all in the same picture. This style incorporates geometry, fractured forms, and thick, black lines. We created our own portraits using the abstract cubist style of art. We used pens, watercolours and pastels. Take a look at our wonderful work.  ​

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Maple Class Become Inventors!

Maple Class had the fantastic opportunity to visit Benjamin Franklin House in Craven Street, London.

At the house they learnt about some of the amazing inventions Benjamin Franklin created, including bifocal glasses, the Franklin cooking stove, and the lightening rod (which is a fantastic fact to add to our Lighthouse Fact Files in English!)

We met Franklin’s daughter Polly who explained more about life in the past, explored the anatomy of the human body, and handled some interesting historical artefacts. The most exciting part was watching an amazing experiment showing how lightning rods work!

Back at school, we had a brilliant workshop with Eleanor from Benjamin Franklin House, who explained how and why Benjamin Franklin came up with all his inventions, and then challenged us to think of our own. We had some interesting ideas about how to solve some everyday problems.

Year 2 Enjoy Sports Day

Year 2 were all geared up to take part in Sports Day this week. All of Oak and Maple class were put into four teams, each team was named after a famous footballer currently playing in the Women’s World Cup:

White team:            Mia Hamm (USA)
Red team:                Sun Wen (China)
Blue team:               Kelly Smith (England)
Yellow team:           Marta Vieira da Silva (Brazil)​

The children took part in running and hurdle relays and also different throwing, balancing and jumping team games!

We all had a lot of fun and won lots of points! We are looking forward to finding out which team won!

Nursery Sports Day

The Nursery children were so excited to take part in their annual Sports Day in the big playground. The children were divided into teams, red, blue, white and yellow. Each teams colour represented a famous player from the women’s world cup. The children showed a real ‘can-do’ attitude when engaging in the different sporting events and were happily cheering each other on.

Take a look at some of our amazing photographs….

Summer Fun in Birch Class

Birch class have been making the most of the sunny weather and taking their learning out of the classroom and into the outdoors! In maths, we have been learning about capacity, mass and volume and using lots of resources to measure liquids and objects.

We had lots of fun at Sports Day. The teams were named after a footballer from different countries in the Women’s World Cup. We took part in many activities such as throwing, jumping and running. Even the teachers took part in a race…they were very competitive! We can’t wait to find out the winning team at the end of the week.

Ash get Crafty with Vegetables

In Ash class, we have been very creative by making our own ‘vegetable superheroes’.

The children have been designing and construction their own superheroes using the vegetables and other resources. The children have demonstrated how resourceful they can be and have all created some wonderful superheroes.

All the children were very excited when making the superheroes and even more excitable when speaking about their superheroes to their peers and teachers. The children were using their knowledge of superheroes to say what their vegetable superheroes could do.

This activity also promoted the children to talk about healthy foods and what vegetables they eat at home. Some children said vegetables makes us strong.

Thank you to all the parents who provided the vegetables so the activity could happen.


Year 3 go to the School of Rock!

On Thursday last week, Year 3 went on their theatre trip to the Gillian Lynne Theatre to see ‘School of Rock: The Musical’. Everyone really enjoyed seeing the performance live on stage, including live musical performances from some very talented musicians not much older than us! Definitely an experience we’ll all remember for quite some time. It might even have encouraged some of us to pursue our own musical interests! Thank you to all the staff and parents who helped make this trip possible.